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    ArcheAge Division Community Policies

    The Older Gamers ArcheAge Division Community team (‘TOG DC team’) ask that all members of the TOG ArcheAge* in-game guild (‘the Guild’), including its sub- or alt- guilds, take time to become familiar with the following TOG Policies:

    TOG - About TOG & Code of Conduct
    TOG - Acceptable Usage Policy
    TOG - Signature and Avatar Guidelines
    TOG - Forum, Game Server & Communications Guidelines
    TOG - Frequently Asked Questions

    *Unless otherwise specified, references to ArcheAge includes ArcheAge: Unchained.

    Membership requirements

    Players over 25 years old should follow the steps set out here to become full members of The Older Gamers (TOG) Community, including access to private member-only forums, calendar and voice communications.
    Players under 25 years old are ineligible for full membership of TOG but may join the Guild at the relevant Guild Leader's discretion. The TOG ArcheAge Division (‘TOG’) has been granted an exemption from the membership and 25+ age requirement as set out here. The purpose of the exemption is to enhance TOG members’ gaming experience within an overall context of declining player numbers in ArcheAge. The name ‘The Older Gamers’ may continue to be used for the Guild. TOG’s AUP, policies, code of conduct and so on continue to apply.

    In particular please note:
    • Members must be over the age of 18. If you allow someone under 18 years old (for example, a family member) to use TOG’s forums or voice communications, or to use your game account, you accept full responsibility for them.
    • Membership of the Guild does not confer membership of TOG. Similarly, if you play with the Guild, do not assume others are TOG members.
    • Non-TOG members cannot hold any position of authority with TOG.
    Forum and voice communication access

    Archeage has both a public forum and a private member-only forum.

    Non-TOG members should register at (The Older Gamers) to access the public forum but will not have access to the private member-only forum (including any sub-forums). The public forum may be read by the public, registered users and members and is for topics of interest to all Archeage players and the broader gaming community. Members should bear this in mind when posting in these forums.

    There are also requirements for forums relating to content, avatars and so on – see below.

    Members' use of TOG voice communications is not mandatory but is encouraged. Non-members are welcome to use TOG voice communications but will not be granted members' rights. In Discord, this means non-members can join and use all unlocked channels.

    If you don't already have a Discord account, you can create one here, then access the link to TOG's Discord server at the top of the thread TOG Discord Server on the main forum page. This also explains how TOG Community members can request full access and receive notifications, by following ArcheAge in Role Requests. Non members requiring additional access should contact the Division Captain.

    Please also note:
    • Advertising for companies, products or activities of other non-TOG gaming communities including "Clans", or "Guilds" whether directly or via avatars, signatures etc without Admin permission is prohibited.
    • A poster whose thread is locked or deleted, or who is advised of a possible ban, may send a question or comment to the relevant Moderator or Admin by private message (conversation) only, so that such matters remain private. They must not create a new thread about a locked/deleted thread or ban, or re-post the information.
    Further important information can be found in the Forum, Game Server & Communication Guidelines.

    Event Calendar

    TOG has a forum Calendar to make it easier to co-ordinate in-game activities. This calendar is visible to all TOG community members including outside those the ArcheAge division (but not non-members).

    Members of the Guild should speak to an Officer to request an addition or change to the Calendar. Officers should then create a post on the Archeage members' forum and add it to the Calendar by selecting Thread Tools (top right-hand corner of their post). Officers may also edit their own calendar entries.

    Officers are also able to post events in the division's announcement channel in TOG's Discord server.

    Members playing with other communities, clans, groups, corps, etc

    Access to TOG’s ArcheAge forums and any relevant voice communication channels may be restricted or removed at the discretion of TOG management for:
    • any member of the Guild who moves their main character to a non-TOG ArcheAge guild
    • any member of the Guild who acts* counter to the interests of the Guild and/or its members without prior approval from the relevant Guild Leader and/or Division Captain. For example, attacking, or assisting others to attack, Guild members or their alts; spying
    *includes activities by ‘alts’ in the Guild or our sub-guilds

    Guild roster and alts

    We ask both new and returning members to post their main and alts' names, discord ID and so on in the relevant sign-up thread in the TOG ArcheAge member-only forum: legacy [f2p] ArcheAge here and ArcheAge Unchained here.

    Inactive main and/or alt characters may be removed from the Guild at the relevant Guild Leader’s discretion. Where possible this will be done in consultation with the Guild member concerned, based on the list of members and their alts kept on We ask that you update the sign up thread (above) if your information changes.

    All characters of any member who leaves the Guild to spend most of their game time with a non-TOG guild, or who acts counter to the interests of the Guild and/or its members (see 2. above) may be removed from the Guild (including any sub-guilds) at the relevant Guild Leader’s discretion.

    Please contact the relevant in-game Guild Leader to discuss if you have any concerns.

    Property and shared resources

    Guild members are encouraged (but not required) to offer surplus in-game properties to other members on favourable terms (free, at-cost or discounted) via our ArcheAge member forum or Discord. Similarly, members should make every effort to transfer such property to another Guild member when they no longer require it, on similar terms.

    Guild members are also encouraged (but not required) to consider sharing access to in-game resources such as farms or crafting facilities with other members; however, this is at their own risk. Care should be taken to restrict access to resources which are not intended to be shared.

    Dispute handling

    Any in-game issues between Guild members should be raised initially with a Guild Officer, who will review the matter together with the relevant Guild Leader. All discussions, whether in-game or on the forum, must be kept private and evidence such as screenshots should be provided. Unresolved matters may be escalated to the Division Captain and/or TOG Administration. You may find this guide helpful.


    If, after reading the above, you have any questions or concerns please contact your Division Captain.

    Members may access further information about our current ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained guilds here, including links to the current Guild leadership rosters.

    ArcheAge DC Team​
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