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    What is Hiram gear? It is free gear that drops from certain mobs called Abyssal Legions up in Auroria. The zones that you can farm them is Diamond Shores, Calmlands, Heedmar, Marcala, and Nuimari. The DS mobs are the easiest but it is argued the other areas have a better drop rate.

    Please visit the website (Hiram Guardian Introduction and Guide – ArcheAge / for a basic idea of the upgrade system and what stats each piece can possibly have, you will want to use this site as you build your set so you end up with the best starting piece but there is a bit of stuff it does not cover so I will address that here.

    There are two types of these mobs, the one's listed above and then the tougher Enraged Abyssal mobs found in Exeloch, Sungold and Reedwind. Each of these 3 zones with the enraged variety of mobs drop Elixers and Hiram scrolls (no gear drops from these) used to take Hiram gear from T1 to T2, I will explain this more later.

    I will warn you now, the drop rate is horrendous and this is a serious time consuming endeavor but if you want some very nice gear that is reasonably cheap compared to the other kinds, it is worthwhile. To give you an idea I spend on average 1 hour per day since it came to the game (maybe 2 months) and I am maybe a month away from finishing a full set at T2 divine, well that is my goal. Some people compare it to Delph grade gear but I would argue its closer to divine Ayanad, not to mention next major patch T3 will become available bringing the grade up to epic.

    To begin you will need to hit Diamond shores and kill the lvl 52 Abyssal Legion mobs and loot away. I've heard that it makes no difference but I completely disagree that war/peace times make no difference. I only farm at war time as I get more drops. Any loot buffs are recommended.

    You can expect these to drop with no loot buffs and at peace time to be about 2 an hour. At war with no buffs is about 4 per hour on average. If you go all out with 90% loot buffs you can expect 10-12 per hour. The drops seem to come in spurts, some times I get 1-2 in the first 5 minutes but normally the drops come further in. Expect 30-40 minutes of killing without a drop and then out of nowhere you will get 3-5 in the next 10 minutes.

    This gear is leveled by feeding the pieces you want with the junk you don't want and works essentially the same way as cloaks. Unlike Erenor gear you can feed any type to any other type so you can feed some leather legs to your shield.

    Assuming you know what type of gear you want, for example cloth armor with a 1-H club and shield, you will save every hiram drop but you will not want to level any piece until you have the entire set that you want. Any gear you don't need like leather armor, don't open them as they will stack and helps with bag space until you are ready to start feeding your good stuff. As you gather drops you will get duplicates so swap them out if you find a better piece until you reach a complete set. When you have all the cloth armor, your weap, your shield, bow and instrument and have swapped out the duplicates for the best variation your now ready to start feeding your gear. Take a look at the gear you have set aside that you have been using or intend to and find the one piece that has the best set of RNG stats you want based on the website linked above and we will focus on that item to start leveling it.

    If you are wearing the gear you are keeping, take off the piece you want to start leveling. Hit I to open your inventory and open all the junk pieces you have saved up. Click on the Gear Upgrade button at the bottom of your bag. Right click the piece you want to level and then add 2 pieces of the junk Hiram gear. Notice when you add all 3 the xp bar below tells you how much towards the next level it will be, the bar shows in two colors, the last small yellow section shows what you will get if you get crit xp. This is important to pay attention as you level it up. Each piece will have 3 random stats, when you feed your item and the xp bar shows it will level or could if it crits is the time to select the skill you want to rng re-roll. Once you get your item to celestial move onto the next best piece you have and again as you are getting duplicates keep the better of the 2.

    Awakening your gear to T2.

    There are 3 dailies located in Sungold, Exeloch and reedwind. When you portal in there will be a Hiram herald who gives the kill quest. Sungold and exeloch quests are 50 kills where reed is 100. They give you Hiram Awakening Scrolls, 5/5/10 so you can get 20 a day plus these Enraged version of mobs have a very slight chance to drop one. You can expect 1-2 every 200 kills. They also drop elixirs you open and rng 200/250/400 xp and you feed these to your gear the same way. You can kill any mob in these 3 zones and they count but if you can handle the enraged mobs I would suggest killing them for the drops. You do need to go back to the hiram herald to turn in the quest.

    Once you have 10 scrolls you can right click on them and add the piece you want but there is a chance it will Crystalize. You can purchase a Decrystalization Scroll for 10k honor and repair the item. The other route is to save up 50 scrolls and buy a Runescribe Quill for 400 Prestige. Right click the Quill and you can make a Sacred scroll which prevents the item crystalizing not to mention a much higher chance of it working. Every time you fail the % to succeed goes up all the way to 100%. Once you do succeed the % resets.

    Your awakened piece will go back to rare and you level it like you did before. Awakened gear at Heroic is about what it was at T1 celest and you can now take it up to Divine. In patch 5.0 it will bring T3 which I believe goes to Epic but I will add any info once I get my hands on it to test it out.

    Open the marketplace and click on Award tab, then click Gold tab and you see 2 items. One is 6 lesser hiram infusions for 50g which gives 100xp each, hiram gear you feed give 150xp to give you an idea. The other thing is the Bound Lucky Elixer for 50g and you purchase 2 of these a day, these give you +60% loot drop for 30 minutes. I know its pricey but I buy the loot buffs everyday and am saving them up for the next time they give us the double hiram drop event. If you go back to the MP main tab and look at specials you will see you can buy 2 different crates for credits that give hiram xp stuff and again in the loyalty section you can get 5 lucky infusions for 50 loyalty, I think those give 300xp each.

    Think I covered it all, sorry is so lengthy but wanted to try to cover it all. Any questions just give a shout in game.

    I have been playing around with buff pots and have been able to achieve a +100% loot drop rate, at a cost of course. If you go to the DS plaza and collect one of the pack quests from the NPC Ibell and then craft a lucid archeum pack and run it to our Rally point fort and turn it into Pella you will get a +15% loot drop for 2 hours. I would recommend doing it at reset as you get plenty of war time grinding which helps with drops as well. Once you get to the spot your going to kill at pop your other buffs. I use the Lucky Quicksilver Tonic, Greedy Grimoire and the Bound Lucky Elixer. I also use my golden corgi for +5% or if you have the 200 loyalty bear cub that's 10%. If you do all this you will get +95% up to 105% depending on a pet, which one or no pet at all. I tried this tonight at DS and I received 20 drops in an hour. If you have some of these loot buffs great but if you have to buy them your looking at 65g for 30 minutes or 115g for an hour. I'll leave it up to you whether it is worth it or not. Even if you do the 30 minute approach once per day your looking at 65g but you will get 10 drops vs 2 if your lucky.

    Gear scores for hiram works differently for whatever reason so don't fret, I'm guessing full T1 gemmed w/ lunafrosts Awakened Celestial set will get ya near 6k GS. This is about correct, I have 5 pieces to divine now and am at 6.2k now.

    Hiram after 5.0

    The experience granted by Hiram Experience Stones has been adjusted for stones of the following grade:

    • Grand: 200 → 250
    • Rare: 250 → 300
    Glorious Hiram Gear (Tier 3) has been added to the game.

    • Players can obtain Glorious Hiram Gear by Awakening Tier 2 Hiram Gear.
    • Tier 2 Hiram Gear can be Awoken in the same fashion as Tier 1 Hiram Gear is – through a special scroll.
    Reduced the chance of getting Lunadrops from Princes, Queens, and Ancestral Crates.

    Players can receive items for the new Temper system from Princes, Queens, and Ancestral Crates.

    If an item is successfully Awoken, it’s Temper (New Temper) there is a chance for its Temper to slightly decrease. This only applies to items with a Temper of +20. Items with Tempers below +20 do not have that chance upon being Awoken.

    Added Hiram Awakening Scroll: Level 2 and Glorious Hiram Awakening Scroll, which can be used to Awaken Hiram gear to Tier 3, or Glorious Hiram Gear.

    • Hiram Awakening Scroll: Level 2 is dropped by the animal-like mobs in the Hiram Mountains and from the Corrupted mobs in the mainland of the Western Hiram Mountains.
    Added Feather of Exceptional Knowledge to the Cash Shop.

    • Lucky Glorious Hiram Awakening Scroll can be created with it and 100 Hiram Awaken Scroll: Level 2 scrolls.
    It looks like we wont need the current scrolls so if you have every item awakened not much point in running the dailies anymore if I am reading this correctly.
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    Kadum - Diamond Shores
    Additional Notes:
    Hiram gear cannot be Tempered.
    Hiram gear score is equivalent to Delphinad gear.

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