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    Guild Leader:
    (IGN: Nickers)
    Discord ID: Nickers#5537
    Alt IGN: -

    (IGN: Allornothing)
    Discord ID : allornothing#9879
    Alt IGN: lightts, Greyish, Darkts, Gimly.

    sub1mn1 (IGN: Rhakariel)**
    Discord ID: Rakka#8321
    Alt IGN: Rakha, Rhakurai, Rhakarien, Rhakka, Jellybug, Jelly, Jellan, Lion.

    Troilat (IGN: Troilat)
    Discord ID: Troilat# 7067
    Alt IGN: Lyalis, Nocera, Eline.

    **Also Division Captain aka TOG community liaison

    Please contact one of the officers in-game if you have a question, or to request an in-game invitation to the TOG ArcheAge in-game Guild. Note: Your character must be online to be invited to the guild. To assist with co-ordinating invitations please add the guild leaders and officers to your friends list (under Community> Social, bottom right hand side of your screen). This allows you to see when they are online and makes communication easier.

    Please note that players under 25 years old are ineligible for full membership of The Older Gamers (TOG) Community but may join the in-game Guild at the relevant Guild Leader's discretion. Players over 25 years old should follow the steps set out here to become full members, with access to private member-only forums and voice communications.
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