ArcheAge Unchained – Revamped MMO launches

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    Name: Archeage Unchained

    Genre: MMORPG

    What is it? Gamigo's revamped version of XL Games' sandpark MMORPG, 'ArcheAge’ with a new buy-one-time + battlepass monetisation model and anti ‘pay-to-win’ tweaks. Archeage Unchained will co exist with the continuing ‘legacy’ F2P/subscription game ArcheAge (where TOG maintains a presence), but on separate server environments. Both games will continue to receive updates.

    Rating: I won’t attempt to give a rating.. having played the original Archeage for 5+ years, I can’t pretend to be unbiased and moreover Archeage Unchained has yet to launch.:D
    But to quote some guy on r/archeage:

    If this is truly B2P and not P2W I'm 100% in. ArcheAge was crazy fun.’

    Gamigo have tried hard to take players’ feedback on board – for example, making tweaks to quest, cash shop and reward items purely as a result of player feedback during recent testing - and seem to be genuinely committed to 'no P2W'. These may be helpful:

    What’s all this I hear about ArcheAge and pay-to-win?
    In a recent interview with, ArcheAge’s Head of Development explained that Archeage Unchained is the result of its new(ish) publisher Gamigo’s desire to remove some of the more egregious 'pay-to-win' elements that caused widespread disillusionment of legacy Archeage players when these were introduced by its former publisher Trion in 2015.

    Why should I care?
    If you play MMOs, and particularly if you were one of the 200+ TOG members playing Archeage who left shortly after the original 2014 launch (or before) – a lot has changed, mostly for the better. This might be worth another look.

    We are focusing on fairer gameplay’- Gamigo press release

    Perhaps surprisingly, listening to ArcheAge’s current and ex-player community has led Gamigo to buck the trend evident in other aging MMOs towards a more blatantly cash-shop based monetisation model. Their motivation is clear: to build their player base up again, they need AA:U to appeal to both new and returning players. Many are hoping this approach will succeed and will be picked up by publishers of other Asian games. Other elements of legacy game which contributed to mass exits in 2014 -2015: for example, unappealing gear acquisition options: either brutal grinding and/or brutal regrading rng; ‘griefing’ in peace zones by blocking vehicles, bridges etc have been softened or removed entirely over the years.

    Other info:
    There will be no transfer of items, accounts or characters between legacy ArcheAge servers (which will continue) and ArcheAge: Unchained. If you played on an original North American server, your account & characters may still exist following a complicated series of mergers, most likely on ‘Kadum’ if you started with TOG on Ollo.

    If you're interested in trying what the game itself is like, download the Glyph launcher to install the old (free) version of ArcheAge, which is the same game version as Archeage Unchained (with the exception of the payment model, cash shop and daily quest/patron systems) – or wait for it to be listed on Steam on 15 October 2019. For an invitation to the TOG legacy guild on Kadum, contact one of the Guild Officers listed here.

    Archeage: Unchained founder packs will be available here until 15 October 2019 10 AM PDT when the game launches.

    If you decide to give it a go, please head over to the sign up thread in our ArcheAge menbers' forum.

    Also: TOG is recruiting guild officers for Archeage Unchained! Please see here.

    In Summary
    Game style:
    Fantasy/sword & scorcery type with steampunk elements. For example, transport includes horses, steam carts, cars and galleons coexisting with gliders, pegasii, and dragon flying mounts and (automated) carriages and airships.
    Combat Style: Combo-based tab targeting – but like Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2, limited combat skill slots means strategic choices have to be made when putting builds together; a large number of combos within 220+ combat ‘occupations’ keeps it interesting.
    Learning Curve: It’s simple to get started but the game’s systems build in complexity as you progress, rewarding time spent to build expertise. Eg combat: 12 basic classes combine to produce over 200 possible (swappable) combat ‘occupations’.
    Crafting: is conceptually simple, starting with resources which can be mined, gathered from the wild, or grown on a farm. These are then crafted into items, which in turn are used to make more advanced items. With alternative gear available from questing and monster loot, weapon and armorcrafting are no longer ‘must-have’ but skills such as cooking, alchemy and handicraft are in demand, and of course, mining, fishing and farming are the backbone of any MMORPG’s economy.
    PVP: Zone-based and to some extent, optional. If you want, you can play completely within peace zones. But this game is about risk vs reward with many opportunities for cross faction conflict – or being attacked by player pirate faction (or even your own faction) - if you dare to venture into war-torn areas or the high seas (open-world ship-to-ship naval combat is a feature).
    Many regions cycle between peace (pvp not permitted; same-faction players can flag to attack but will accumulate crime points and eventually, trigger a public trial and ‘time out’ in jail) and conflict/war (pvp is freely permitted in war zones).
    Role-Playing Voluntary; optional
    Leveling style: Combination of level based (as in WOW) and skill based (as in Ultima Online). ‘Experience’ gained through spending labour, completing quests or PvE levels up the player, their active pets/mounts and their currently selected combat skills. Various crafting proficiencies are also levelled up by spending labour, ie., players who choose to avoid combat altogether are still able to gain levels, albeit at a slower rate.
    Server Population: As is usual with the launch of any MMO worth its salt, server population in Archeage Unchained at launch can be expected to be heavy. (Population in the 5 year old legacy game has been assisted by server merges and is reasonably healthy, with multiple 100+ people raids at peak times).
    Server Performance/Stability: Following numerous stability issues connected with the migration of legacy Archeage servers in recent months, Gamigo has paid a lot of attention to load balancing in an attempt to improve on past experience for this launch. Nonetheless, with the launch of any MMO, queues and lag can be expected.
    Payment options: Buy (once) to play. Optional enhancements (premium Archepass - similar to battlepass, seasonal Archepass. Cash/Credit shop for cosmetics only
    Download size: 16GB
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