ArcheAge: Unchained PTS/Character/name reservation update

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    Launch day for AA:U is getting really close and the window for getting in as a Founder is closing.

    PSA: If you're a TOG member and you will be playing AA:U, please head over to the TOG guild invitation thread on the TOG ArcheAge members' forum here.
    We're also seeking additional officers TOG guild in AA:U. Please consider applying here.

    Public Test Server (PTS) shutdown
    will close on Sunday, October 13th at 10 AM UTC / 3 AM PDT. Your local time here
    More details on the ArcheAge forum here

    Reminder: if you'd like more time to familiarise yourself with quests for your early game strategy (see our pre-launch guide for Archeage: Unchained on the TOG Archeage member forum, you can make a free account on a legacy server. Contact an officer for an invitation to the TOG guild on legacy server, Kadum (North America).

    Early access name reservation and character creation - remaining windows
    In order to balance load and factions across the servers, name reservation is restricted. Gamigo are monitoring server and faction balance. When targets are reached servers will be locked until the next window. The first window was on 12 October, the remaining windows to create your character on our selected server, Wynn (North America - Nuia faction), before launch will open at the times below for an undetermined length of time (first in first served).
    • Sunday Oct 13th at 10:00am PDT Your local time here
    • Monday Oct 14th at 10:00am PDT Your local time here
    These locks and restrictions are intended to ensure population evenly distributes across available servers and mitigate extremely lengthy login queues at release.

    TIP: Run Glyph in Admin mode to avoid potential issues.

    Founder packs availability
    ArcheAge: Unchained founder's packs ( for North America will be withdrawn from sale on Oct. 15th, 2019 at 10AM UTC (EU) / PDT (NA). Your local time here here

    The main benefit to being a founder (apart from shinies and a title) is that you get pre-release access to name reservation and character creation - so more time to customise its appearance - and you will be able to start playing on your already-created avatar as soon as you are able to login at launch.

    Important note:
    To avoid complications, it is preferable to use a new account to purchase ArcheAge: Unchained (AA:U) if you have legacy ArcheAge (AA) installed. If you use the same account for AA:U as AA and inadvertently click Play while already logged in to AA:U you may sometimes be unable to open the AA client (seems to have something to do with the launch order).
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