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    Dragon Quest 11 release date sept 4 2018
    for us old timers Dragon Warrior series

    this game just got released on steam today its also on ps4
    now for the fun
    the game has a story line that takes 57+ hrs ( fastest speed run Japanese version 42 hrs)
    to max every thing at 100% takes 100+ hrs that right 100+ hrs of fun
    unlike other rpg out there the story doesn't end when you finish the main story there is 20+ hrs of new content yes new content ( side note its included no extra dlc needed )
    things you can do in game:
    Horse back riding - races
    slots and gambling
    hidden secrets and jump puzzles
    monster boss hunts
    turn base battles
    crafting gear - side note all crafted gear is better than store items
    and if you get bored of all that i guess you can go back and do the story

    currently im 2 hrs in and im enjoying the game

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