ARMA II Coming to Steam, can Pre-Purchase now

Discussion in 'Shooter Games: The Range' started by Ned, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Thats a bugger Major. And your correct in saying 3FL don't have it. Currently only Internode and GameArena host it locally
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    Steam still insist the data is on the 3FL machine, but they don't seem to be competent enough to get it to show up in their availability database. Pretty ordinary network admins if that is the case. It's all a bit odd with the 3FL mirror and not having any access to the data they say has been transferred since they expanded the storage space. Very strange considering there was no issue getting it added to Gamearena 2 weeks ago. 3FL are now guessing it will all be available once Steam have finished transferring the entire catalogue to the mirror.... LOL Anyway, that is just the way iinet seem to work with customer and network issues.

    Got my Thai copy yesterday and have hit the single player campaign. I see what is meant by the performance hit. Had no real issue with the demo performance, but the ful game can chug at times. Worst part is the map is really slow to fully come up, and moving around on it just creeps along. Might have come good after a restart, but have not fired it up again yet.

    Had a bug with the first mission. Night vision was OK, but turning it off resulted in everything being completely dark including street lights I could see in nightvision. Got the message to take my nightvision off as the sun had come up, and all was still dark. Reloaded a save game and all came good.

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