Best Cyberpunk Game - list your 2 Favorite Cyberpunk games on any console

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    I am a massive Cyberpunk fan. I love Blade Runner the movie, the Final Cut is awesome and the original book it was based on. I still think the 1997 Blade Runner game is still great and hope a new one other than the mobile version will come to the pc. check out this clip blade runner pc game blade runner pc game

    Other fantastic games like this are a classic overlooked now but I got it first on the old home console Phillips Cdi player later on the pc of which I can still play even on Win 10 called Burn Cycle. check it out here is awesome even now I think but it had dated a but in time for sure.

    Please list your Cyberpunk experiences below. I do have other Cyberpunk games but these are my two favourite ones and it would kill the thread if I was to name all the main ones on the opening so I decided to limit it to 2 max per person.

    Both games due to age are available for free now on the net and work on Win 10 as well.
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