Blood Magic - Project Omega

Discussion in 'Minecraft (Public)' started by Kinnikki, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Hi everyone
    So, I am about to finish Project Omega Chamber and the Ritual of Omega Stalling.
    There is very little on the net as far as Project Omega is concerned. Has anyone completed it? If so, I would really like to know if it is possible to put all four armours together? It is a hang of a job to finish the Omega Chamber and although you do end up with one serious OP set of armour, it seems the process is so big it outweighs the pro's of only being able to use one type of armour with serious debuffs for a limited time period.
    Any thoughts? Has anyone managed it? (on 1.7.10)
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    Sadly I haven't played through all of blood magic for awhile, might have to revisit it next time nightmare is reset (although this will be for minecraft 1.10.2)

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