Breakdown of whats coming in The Division

Discussion in 'The Clancy Division (Public)' started by flyinkiwi, Sep 14, 2016.

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    I know what you are saying....having just pulled off an extraction with 3 seconds left on the helo, it wasn't my helo...but was a great one hour of survival play. I chanced upon some solo players in the DZ today and we all grouped up (we all had NZ in our game tags) and I can see how deadly the DZ can be. End game still seems to be the DZ, so I'll probably give it a few more weeks and see how the game sits with me after then.

    But RD, you are correct, playing survival solo and getting a successful extract is just awesome :)
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    DZ Solo when you have a min/max Banshee set can be a lot of fun. Not to go rogue, but to face melt the rogues.

    I had a 2 person group attack my extraction tonight, one trying to cut the rope and the other running interference.
    They were both mildly undergeared.... After they tried to sticky flash me, they learned the value of high armour and weapons that have massive burst DPS.
    So I stole their shit and waited.

    They apparently weren't the smartest of players willing to cut a loss.
    It was worth going rogue for a while at that point.

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