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    Well we have been gone for 6 years according to my last post working remote islands and resorts with, get this, NO INTERNET. Yeah its true some places still don't have it. I was the former Div Captain for Fallen Earth. Looking for a new MMORPG that's active. Also looking to find some old favourite players like BROTHER BEDE and CRONE. We are desperate guys we need a strong community where we can chat and socialise as well as craft up a storm and PvP like madmen. We are now working on kangaroo island at Sea Dragon Lodge as the assistant managers and have unlimited internet at speeds that just didn't exist last time we logged on anywhere lol. Got a top end machine less than a year old that set me back over 5k on a custom build (probably out of the ark now) and desperate to stretch our wings. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, any genre (except WoW). How many of the old guard are still around. We still have TESO installed but it seems to have gone the way of the dodo. If you know me or have any suggestions please reply to this post. DESPERATELY SEEKING SOME ONLINE FUN (no we don't cyber lol)
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