City of Heroes vs Lineage 2

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    Actually we have a fairly supportive and efficient leveling and training group on Lionna and will come get you into TOG from the beginning levels ... you don't stay under 20 for very long since we recycle top NG gear, and the grind from 20 to 40 is also shortened because of the strong clan support, grouping and powerleveling. By level 40 you're expected to have saved enough to step into your own C gear and to start returning the clan investment by helping those below you ... and grouping and working toward B gear and castles and seiging etc. if that's your cup of tea.

    All in all we have a growing and fun group on Lionna. As is common in a group like TOG that leans to the casual, we will bleed some top levels when the more casual and slower pace just doesn't meet their current gaming needs (it's hard to be casual at level 65+) ... but some of us are just stubborn LOL.
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    CoH and L2

    I've also played both. Quite different styles of play for sure.

    CoH has:

    -Cooler characters. Oh man, the costumes, the powers, everything. No question. CoH has more personality there. No feeling like your part of some starwars-like clone army.
    -Quicker play. Things move fast. Battles are completely dynamic, not hit one button and keep fighting, like most MMORPGs.
    -Good for limited time. Unlike L2, you can play CoH for 30 minutes and accomplish a mission or two (three if you blitz them like I used to).
    -Epic trial. Four to eight hours of going after some heroic goal. Unfortunately, some of the trials are extremely repetative. But others are really fun, especially if you have a great group to play with.
    -Limited missions. Let's face it. CoH has about 12 different mission tile sets. And since you'll do a -LOT- of missions, it gets really old. They're adding more, but not nearly as fast as you'd go through them.
    -Superheroes. If you like running around in spandex, its the game for you.
    -No end game. You hit 60, you're done. So I hope you like alts.
    -No loot. No super items to acquire. Depending on your perspective, this can be good or bad. I liked it.
    -Nothing to do but kill. My ultimate unhappiness with the game was that, in the end, all there was to do was to kill (ermm...arrest) bad guys over and over and over. And that's all. And my main character wasn't the best at doing that.
    -No self targetting. Still one of the lamest game designs ever in my opinion.

    Lineage 2 has:

    -Most systems designed for high levels, which, even if you're helped out a lot, will take months to reach. In CoH, you're cool from the start.
    -More variety of things to do. Quests, shopping, crafting, lvling soulcrystals, etc. Plus, you can hunt in a greater variety of places. L2 has far more texture maps than CoH.
    -No variety in appearances. My healer looks just like any planewalker in the game (yeah, I like wacky gear).
    -Slower battles. Usual battles involve the tank picking up mobs and then mowing through them one at a time. Now, if you join a polearm group with Onus or DL, its a whole new game. hehe.
    -Jerks. Yeah, there's jerks in other games too, but in this game, they can really cause you problems. Luckily if you play with TOG, you'll have a solid group to help you out with these people.
    -Waiting. There's no flying, no superspeed, no free shuttles like in CoH. It takes time or money to get places, you'll often have to wait for a group to form up.
    -Events. In CoH the events were, find the monster and kill it (and get a snowball, treat, whatever). In L2, they've managed to put together some events that really everyone could be a part of. The new seven signs event has really been a blast for everyone. And, of course, there are castle sieges. But I don't think TOG's been to a real siege in months, certainly not since I arrived in March.
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    Just to throw a spanner in....


    Hows this fair up to CoH, as it seems slightly like a comparison.

    For just $10, you start with basic weaponry which is pretty good in a fight, and soon train up in other skills that just really give you more options.

    I thought that was like CoH, you start, you play with all.

    Where'as Lineage is more 'leveled' fighting, where when you start, you cannot contribute straight away.
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    Just in case anyone missed it, the free trial for City of Heroes can be accessed here
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    I played L2 for a month or so when it was released....was happy with it for awhile, but it quickly became boring to me
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    how do i joinn clan on lionna

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    Played L2 for a couple months, switched to EQ2 for a couple months and then got WoW, been there for a while.

    Dabbled in the trial for CoH, good solid game just kinda repetitive and it was trying to get in touch with anyone.

    L2 was a blast, I kinda enjoyed being on the lookout for gankers, made it more involved. But ultimately the grind and the farmers got to me.

    Really, even though I'm thinking of doing L2 part time again, WoW's been the best.

    And DDO and Age of Conan are in the not too far future so there's that. :D
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    Played quite a few online games this year heres the list :)

    EQ2 - started out with this one when it was released, looks fantastic and fun up to level 20 until soloing got impossible, then the fun quickly died, i expect things have changed alot there now though, at least if sony have any sense.

    Then switched to WOW where i have been the longest until i also quit it last month, got fed up with playing the same quests over and over and not really grouping up with the guild much, probably the best out of all the games i played though.

    In between times i played COH which was fun for a while, great customisation of characters and skills etc... theres quite a few super heroes you can make up, sadly though the missions got a bit boring and repetivtive after a while.

    Had a go at the matrix which looks heaps better then COH and the combat is really fun, shame the missions were as boring as hell, i also didnt like the fact sega wouldnt allow you to cancel your account online you have to phone them up to do it, probably so they can try and talk you out of it, i didnt have that problem as i just changed all my CC details instead so they couldnt bill me (spin on that sega) lets hope sony do a better job of things.

    played eve online which i had a go at for about 1 day before deciding it was to complicated and didnt really strike me very much, for me first impressions of a online game are very important and eve didnt cut the mustard for me.

    Never tried L2 as its PvP and ive never been into that.

    Also played guild wars which looking wise is at least as good as eq2, could even be the best looking out of all of them IMO. I still play it from time to time and since there is no monthly fee its dead handy.

    As wolfy has said im interested in checking out DDO and Conan when they are released
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    I'm a previous long time player Lineage 2(and supporter of TOG) - just Left Wow Friday.

    Questions about City of Heros
    I was a comic book freak many years ago & love Beat-em-up games
    Do I fit the description of a COH Player?
    Is there an Active Aussie(or same time zone) element?

    I've been thinking of trying (that damn trial is finished!) but Just purchased Guildwars -
    Loves - Pretty game & spells, no monthly fee
    Hates - Lack of Social interaction between charaters - mostly instance based.

    My thoughts on a few others:
    Lineage 2 -
    Loves - Being an Awesome healer, With and Awesome Rez
    Hates: Red Griefers, Farmer, Dropping Items(that took 3 months to make), Healer has no way to defend themself.

    Loves - Humor, Cool Quests, Cool Mobs, Strangely very hard be beat a healer??
    Hates - Done the quests 1000 times each, 60/rogues Ganking lev 30's with no penalty.

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