Claim free items on Archeage/Archeage Unchained website 4-16 Nov 2020

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    Reminder: Don't forget to claim your free items on the Glyph website:


    • Gatekeeper's Reward - compensation for all players that had access to the Garden of the Gods before 12 November 2020, due to recent technical issues with accessing the Garden on multiple servers. One per account. Awards a crate via owl mail containing:
      • 50 Glorious Hiram Awakening Scrolls
      • 1 x Honourable Victory Rank 3
      • 5 x Fairy Protection potions.
    • 2 x Garden Elixir or 5 x Radiant Infusion Supply Kits, per account, added on alternate days, are available to claim until 16 Nov 2020.
    To claim these items, click the link to go to your account page and login:
    • ArcheAge (Legacy) here
    • ArcheAge Unchained here
    • If you have both ArcheAge and Unchained on one account (email address), while logged in to the first, open the link for the second and click the Login tab on the site to log in automatically.
    • It's possible to login every two days to claim both the Garden Elixir and Radiant Infusion Supply Kit reward items, instead of logging in every day and claiming each of them separately. Don't leave it longer than two days though, you will miss out on some of the rewards.
    Further details here (Daily Login Rewards beginning November 4th!)
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