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    Welcome to the Console Division

    If you're looking for other Console Gamers to play with or against, join The Older Gamers community in the Barracks.

    Then add your details to the Console Members Signup Thread so others can add.


    We have a diverse and vast array of TOG people who can help with any number of console issues.

    Here is the list of the local forum moderators and their specialities. Please click on the names to send them a private message.

    • Ancient_One - Division Captain, Destiny Clan Guardian and Founder
    • Cadder - Retired Division Captain, part-time arrogant git and recreational SAGN.
    • Pure Mongrel - Retired Division Captain, learned advisor, administrative wizard and good idea-haver.
    • George - Retired Division Captain, Valued Advisor and whip-cracker.

    Forum details
    All forum and subforums in Console Talk has a prefix icon. We have prefixes for most devices for you to use when posting. This icon should make it easy to recognise what console/handheld/game system is being written about and therefore speed up any response.

    We have the following forums with their content:

    Console Talk (Members)
    Forum subsection for members of The Older Gamers COnsole Division to discuss console gaming.

    Console Talk (Public)
    Main folder with any forum announcements and general discussions about console gaming.

    Hardware Talk
    Helpful hints and user guides for consoles systems. If you have a hardware issue please post here.

    Games Talk
    Game reviews, news, software upgrades, gaming bargains, guides etc. Any reviews or gaming problems please post here.

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