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    TOG Day of Defeat:Source


    Day of Defeat: Source (DODS) is a mod developed out of the Half-Life engine, based on World War 2. It is a fast-paced, strictly close-quarters fighting, that finds the enemy waiting for you are every corner. Graphics in DODS is outstanding. From clouds from smoke grenades to dust from explosions the presentation is well done that will please any gamer looking for a visual experience while playing. However, The TOG DODS Division is more then just a game; it’s a community of like-minded gamers who still know how to have fun. Here are a few reasons why some play the game:

    Whilst searching for a suitable nest awhile back, I stumbled upon a little gem that is "Tog DoD:s"...its definitely top shelf. Free of drama queens, hissy fits and jive-ass politics….” - Benda

    “Its good to game with the TOG DOD's boys - because to them it’s still a game.” – midKNIGHTrambler

    “Great Game, Great bunch of players, no L33t BS!!” – InYa Woodfire

    “DODs is US$10 and I'm still enjoying playing it every week even though it has been out since 2005. Best value game I ever bought. Best value dudes playing it as well. Break out the booze and join us!!!!!!!” - Plebc

    “You can get it 'nading, you can get it spading, you can get it firing a BAR. A hard earned thirst needs a big, fraggin' game and the best fraggin' game is DoDs.” – crowtree

    “DODS game is exciting and fun, but it’s about the people I game with that makes it complete!” – Kreed

    So if you enjoy FPS that is team vs. team game style with gorgeous visuals and play with those who are there to have fun, then come play with the TOG DODS Division.

    Server IP:
    Have questions? PM one of the following:
    Naverone – Division Captain
    InYa Woodfire
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