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    March 10th, 2016
    Agent: Deweyoxberg
    Location: Camp Hudson
    Status: Operational

    --BEGIN LOG--

    I never saw it coming.

    I've seen some really weird things go down in the streets. Rioters run amok while my buddies at JTF are stretched beyond the breaking point. I don't blame them; between the nutcases and the threat of contagion I am sure many of them miss their families.

    Today I saw a cleaner take out his best friend because of his asthma. That hits close to home; it was just a metered dose inhaler but that didn't matter. Paranoia rules the streets; fear is a close friend.

    I dropped by Camp Hudson again today to link up with fresh recruits. Before I ran into them, however, something caught me eye which made me stop dead in my tracks.


    Sometimes I wish the crew would not do things like this. I get it; brothers and sisters in service. Yet this makes it really hard to go back out there and keep up the good fight, to keep strong for the civilians. They can't ever see us crack; they're counting on us.

    I'm counting on me, too.

    Agent Dewey over and out.

    --- END LOG ---

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