Do you remember Nextwish? (Australia)

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    You'd have to be old skool to know who I am on about... counterstrike 1.4beta way back when.
    Well, he quit gaming after a while but in his time he was a very active member of the counterstrike scene inventing many server & client side scripts to combat cheating and do what scripts do... I'm talking pre-punkbuster. He was also involved in Wireplay; the forerunner of GameArena.

    Well, one day I was having coffee in Macquarie Street, Sydney and who should unicycle towards me? We had a bit of a chat.

    Anyway, if you're wondering what he's up to then let me tell you. This slightly go it alone off-beat kinda guy has recently unicycled India and is currently somewhere in Africa.

    The guy even mountain bikes on his unicycle!

    So, if you remember him and want to sticky-beak what he's doing then just type in Greg Huntley into google.



    (Thanks for moving this guys... I had a senior moment, but don't tell the missus otherwise she might have me committed.)
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