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Discussion in 'Shooter Games: The Range' started by Atech66, Aug 21, 2005.

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    Aug 21, 2005
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    Hi new to the forum.
    Bill, 38, been gaming since 85.
    I pre ordered the original Wolfenstien and Doom started on MUDS make me old enough?


    Old subject but I have to brag..*ahem** cough cough.. I mean tell ya I played Doom3 and did ok on my ZD7000 wide screen laptop.

    But I just finished a Athlon 64 system 3000+ Geforce 6600 (256) Asus A8V-X mobo
    Not a great deal of cash went into this.. but I gotta tell ya I'm way impressed.
    runs D3 expansion flawlessly on ultra high.. Its like a whole new game.. I have to go back and re-play the original Doom3 again.

    I also am playing Far Cry now 21" View Sonic monitor.. laptop ran it like

    O ya downloaded FEAR demo.. SWEET GOOGAMALOO!!!! man thats a must have looks awesome.

    if your looking for an inexpensive way to run just about any game all settings on high I'd recommend this set up.

    Unless your well off or not married with 2 kids as I am.

    Good to be here thanks for listening to me blab.

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    Qld Australia
    Hi man, join a few of us in my Doom 3 servers!

    - -

    Doom 3 RealDamage - Deathmatch - the 5 standard maps and 5 customs
    Doom 3 RoE - Deathmatch & CTF - 7 of the 8 standard maps plus 2 customs.

    I'm having issues with the server's modem set-up at the moment so they won't be up until sorted. I'll update the above thread when done :)
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    I would hope that pouring a ton of money into a computer would allow it to play D3 well. :) Nice rig man.

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