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    ok guys Casp has posted a rought idea what ep will get you so u know what level u need to be at to use it and why u want it.

    please read the full Post Here but the nuts and bolts of it is any one who has paid for the bloodlines pledge and above which comes with ep will be able to access expo and build the world with the rest of the tittle pledges.

    they also warn that those of us with tittle it is not a batter of if but when we will lose it so makes us all the more paranoid... need to get more guards... or could it be the guards.... oh my god the shadows i shoot my arrows at the shadows...

    so to save u some reading i will only post the parts for Counts and below.

    Below are the Kits you can only buy 1 of each kit per account.

    Requires Exposition Access to purchase

    Profession Kits: 100 EP ea.
    These kits provide the starting equipment, tools, and patterns or techniques necessary to begin your occupation as a crafter, gatherer, explorer, or champion. (ex. Smithy kit, Carpenter Kit, Miner Kit, Soldier Kit, etc...) If the game supports a profession, chances are good there will be a kit available to help you get started. Individual items value at 20-40 EP.

    Storefront Kits: 125 EP ea.
    Take your profession to the next level with a storefront kit. These kits provide the fixed location assets necessary to set up a shop, storefront, or other establishment on leased land. They'll typically include blueprints and resources for a small building, crafting stations or other furniture, and additional decor to help give the location a welcoming feel. (ex. forges & anvil, bar & tables, loom & spinning wheel, display cases and racks, etc...) Individual items value at 25-50 EP.

    Land-use Kits: 175 EP ea.
    The land-use kits help to further establish your profession by providing a parcel of land on a non-coveted parcel in which to build your commercial or residential building, or to use the land for agricultural purposes such as farming, horticulture, breeding, or pet-rearing. (ex. stables, stalls, fields, bee hives, plant boxes, seeds, saplings, etc.) Individual items range from 10-100 EP.

    Requires Mayor / Baron title to purchase

    Settlement Kits: 625 EP
    Settlement kits are designed to help customize your settlement. They'll typically include a set of pre-made, pre-furnished buildings and a small amount of infrastructure to create the type of settlement you want to create. This could be a mercantile settlement, one focused on harvesting of resources or agriculture, or the production of goods and items. (ex. trade hub, mining town, sea port, farm belt). Individual items range from 100 EP to 250 EP.

    Defense Kits: 325 EP
    These kits are designed to add a small number of defenses to a settlement in the form of a large amount of fencing and a couple of lookout towers. These are sufficient for basic defense of inner settlements, but not for baronies. Fencing is generally around 10 EP for 32m of fencing, plus 25-50 EP for the lookout towers.

    Requires Count title to purchase

    Infrastructure Kits: 1,250 EP
    As a count, your job is to help capitalize on the resources of your county - natural and otherwise, and to ease the distribution of those resources. Infrastructure kits help work toward that goal and include a set amount of road, but then further include things like mining equipment and rigs, waterwheels, etc. Infrastructure kits are fairly biome specific, but then further focus on one of the organic or inorganic resources prevalent in the county. (ex. Mining infrastructure, lumber infrastructure, farming infrastructure, etc.)

    qualty effect all packs so here is a basic mod to consider but also note there is another thread here that gose into explaining the qualty issue

    Common: 1x
    Uncommon: 2x
    Rare: 5x
    Treasured: 20x
    Legendary: 100x

    below are the cart items the limits are only on available stock levels.

    Resource Stockpile: < 10 EP for a stack
    Crafting Materials: < 25 EP for a stack
    Contracts: < 25 EP for a stack
    Patterns & Techniques: < 50 EP
    Blueprints: < 100 EP
    Tools: < 10 EP per tool
    Containers: < 25 EP
    Crafting Stations: < 50 EP
    Equipment (clothing, armor, weapons): < 75 EP per item
    Store Inventory: 100 EP+ for a few random common items
    Decor & Lighting: < 25 EP per item
    Furniture: < 50 EP for a set
    Livestock / Bee hives: < 50 EP for a small stock
    Pets: < 50 EP for a single trained pet
    Mounts: < 100 EP for a single mount
    Transportation: < 100 EP
    Caravan Wagon: < 200 EP
    Siege Equipment: < 250 EP
    Crops: < 100 EP for a field
    Plants & Trees: < 150 EP for a set of saplings
    Land: 100 EP+
    Furnished buildings: 200 EP+
    Fences & Walls: 10 EP / 32m
    Roads: 25 EP / 32m
    Schools & Academies: 750 EP+

    remember expo is the world building phase those who have lands or ability to buy them will be in it to help setup the world for when the players join. any thing you get with expo points can be lost eventually. pretty much any thing other then land can be destroyed or stolen. also this store will close with expo closure so once game gose live no one can access it again.
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    One question that has been raised, but not yet answered "Is it only Mayor and above packages that are 1 per account?".
    The grammar of the pricing suggests the first 3 kits may allow multiple purchases but only 1 of a type by the phrasing of "ea" in the price.

    So you may be able to buy multiple types of profession kits or storefronts but only 1 of each trade. This most likely will get answered when we see the actual shop.
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    very good catch there mormi

    but i do think its one of each type ie only 1 land use only 1 store front and only 1 tool kit.

    but yes tll the store comes out we wont know for sure hahahah

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