EQ2 or WoW

Discussion in 'MMORPG Games: The Realms' started by Howitzer, Nov 5, 2004.

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    I've now played only a little bit of EQII.

    WoW is my choice.

    EQII feels like a game where if you play it nightly for at least 3 hours it'd be great. Great for groups, huge story.

    Otherwise, it just feels too overwhelming and very, very, long.

    After playing each for two hours, I wanted to go back into WoW, but didn't feel the need.
    For EQII I don't feel I accomplished much (include character creation, listening to the into, tutorial, and questing for both).

    WoW was fun, without a question, EQII felt big and time consuming.

    But I am a casual player, I can see a huge world for those that wanna put time into it for EQII. Alot of pain for those that just wanna log on now and then, unless they log on without a concern for when they log off.
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    Interesting to read these opinions... I'm the sole CoH'er in BKM who is thinking of making the switch to either WoW or EQ2. Unfortunately our clan isn't forward thinking enough to have an MMORPG division so I understand those who have decided to play in the fantasy genre have opted for EQ2 and have joined the TOG guild as well 8)

    So it'll probably be EQ2 for me! But it's good to hear that WoW might be worth a look but it comes off as being a bit simplistic.

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