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    I'm hoping that some of you have spent time coming up with class builds from available info that you'd be willing to share.

    Standards or hybrids and any thoughts, helpful comments, and ideas are welcome.

    Since I'm an altaholic, one of mine will be a Khajiit Nightblade developing the Assassin skill tree first, adding some Shadow and Siphoning as he matures. So, he'll start as a standard build and at some likely point will hybridize. :D
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    I think I will initially level a Templar with healing focus and a bow primary weapon. Not sure of 2nd weapon yet. I have run two characters in the last few betas and this is a solid healer build with fast leveling. No race preference but probably pick the mana specialist in whatever alliance the guild votes for or just go with Imperial.
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    Prospective Builds


    Been dabbling with a few builds myself, mostly with a view to seeing if I can create something outside the obvious.

    Really hope that I'm not breaking the NDA here (is it still in effect?)

    My favourite attempt thus far is a Khajit Templar Assassin:

    Elder Scrolls Online | massyx Skill Calculator | ESO | TESO

    PVE 1 bar has the 'buffs', PVE2 is the action bar.
    Assuming a mix of medium and light armour, numbers of each dependant on magicka and stamina needs but assuming 3 of each at this time.

    Prospective sequence as follows:
    1) Start From stealth
    2) From PV1 cast Cleansing Ritual (Restoring Light), Equilibium (Mage guild)
    - 2 instants that will ad a self HOT and a self sacrifice health to magicka that will add a +20% buff to next magicka ability to be used. Might also self buff critical strike using the Mending passive but currently unknown if it will work and, if so, by how much/how long.
    3) Swap to primary quickbar PVE2
    4) Instant cast charge to combat from stealth and maximum range with Critical Charge (2h Weapon). Morphed to do increased damage based on range of charge. Also buffed by slotted Ultimate Dawnbreaker (Fighter's Guild.)
    - Adds auto critical damage, increased by Khajit Carnage ability
    4) Cast (1.1s channeled) Puncturing Strikes (Aedric Spear) morphed to do additional critical strike versus targets with decreased health. Target is knocked back. This has been buffed by the Equilibrium in step 2.
    5) Instant cast Piercing Javelin to knock target down/back longer/further.
    6) Cast (1.5s) Solar Flare (Dawn's Wrath) to do damage, debuff target's healing, boost next weapon attack and to self buff spell resistance.
    7) Instant cast charge to combat with Critical Charge (2h Weapon). Morphed to do increased damage based on range of charge. Buffed by Solar Flare in step 6. and also buffed by slotted Ultimate Dawnbreaker (Fighter's Guild.)
    8) Instant cast Puncturing Strikes (Aedric Spear) morphed to do additional critical strike versus targets with decreased health. Target is knocked back.
    9) Pray target is dead by this time.

    Advantages of this is that almost all the abilities are instant cast and that it uses class skills that can be obtained early in a character's life. At later levels I've tacked on some other skills from the Assault line that will increases PvP effectiveness. Uses a mix of stamina and magicka (approx 1:2) and has 2 ways of removing negative buffs through Cleansing Ritual and Immovable although the last may or may not be obtainable in real terms.

    Considering incorporating Uppercut (2h Weapon) for KB and stun if Immovable wasn't required or possible.

    Thoughts and constructive criticism welcome.

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    Without breaking the NDA, I've only tried 2 classes. I still want to try the other 2 before making a final decision.

    However, with the skills known outside the NDA, I am leaning more towards a sorcerer.

    I want to make a Bosmer Archer, with two weapons as a secondary. I would use the Dark Magic tree on sorcerer for the crowd controls, and keep attacking with the bow from a distance. I am leaning more toward medium armor, especially for all the bonuses it gives for stamina. As I level, I'll probably do a 3-2-1 approach. 3 levels in stamina, then 2 levels in health, then 1 level in magicka, rinse and repeat.

    I do also want to make a healer type. Not sure what race yet, probably Breton or High Elf. I'll go pure healer, restoration staff skills and Templar's healing tree. I'll also be using light armor for the magicka buffs and do the 3-2-1 approach with magicka, health, stamina.

    Then of course, I definitely will make an Imperial crafter. This will probably be the only character that I focus heavily on crafting. This is all types of crafting too. Probably just be a generic dragon knight, with two hander and heavy armor.
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    This should be NDA safe. A build that I I think might be interesting will be the Nightblade heavy armor DPS, using the siphoning line and a two-hander. Or maybe with dual wield, an orc dual wielding axes would make it a berserker of kinds.
    Stacking healing bonuses from Soul Siphoner and Rapid Mending, to make healing more effective, and maybe Catalyst to make emergency potions more useful.

    Strife - a self heal.
    Cripple - gain mobility, while taking it away.
    Siphoning Strikes - regain Mana and stamina.
    Cleave - For trash mobs.
    Critical Charge - gap closer.
    ULTIMATE: Immovable - Mobility, added toughness.

    Siphoning Strikes might also work well for getting the mana back for healing with a restoration staff. And Soul Shred would be a nice back up for a healer.
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    Well since the NDA has been lifted, I am going to try and make a sword master. I plan on wearing a heavy chest and shoulder pieces and medium for everything else. That should give me a little extra armor and the passive bonuses from both heavy and medium lines, so I should end up with the following passives from my armor. This is with just one point in each of the appropriate passives. It doubles or triples if you slot more points. I also left off some of the passives I either couldn't use, or didn't really see the benefit.

    I used this site for my reference:

    5% (15%) Crit chance
    10% (20%) Stamina Regen
    5% attack speed
    10% (20%) Sprint Speed

    2% (6%) physical and spell mitigation
    4% (8%) health regen
    1% (2%) melee power

    For class passives I will end up with:

    Ardent Flame: (from DragonKnight Standard)
    100% damage to burning effect
    Fire damage snares target 40% for 2 sec
    Increase DragonKnight Standard by 2 (4) sec

    Dragonic Power: (from Spiked Armor)
    5% (10%) Block Damage
    When Dragon Power active +6% (12%) healing received
    2% (4%) health Regen
    +2 (4) Spell Resistance

    Earthen Heart: (from Molten Weapon)
    10% (20%) Earth Heart ability duration
    Activating ultimate restores Health, Mana, Stamina equal to 50% (100%) of ultimate cost
    2% (4%) stamina when Earth Heart targets a player.

    Weapon Passives: (two-handed)
    +3% (+6%) sword damage
    -10% (-20%) two-handed feat cost
    +13% (26%) splash damage
    +50% (100%?) status proc
    on kill +25% (50%) stamina regen

    For active I will slot the following, although I want to also play a werewolf, so I will have to lose one of them so I can do that. I'm just not sure which yet.

    Ultimate: DragonKnight standard
    Spiked armor (I may swap out for Dragon Blood or Inhale depending on how those skills play out)
    Molten Weapon Morphed to add fire damage
    Reverse Slash

    A key note is that I never got high enough to get momentum in beta so I was running with Critical Charge, which I might have to add back. We will have to see. If I have to I will probably drop Reverse Slash, and for werewolf well i might have to drop Molten Weapon we will have to see, although that would mean I would loose a bunch of passives. I just wish there was more than 5 active abilities.
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