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    This is a post about modding and support for modding I don't want to see posts warning people away from modding, it won't break your game at the worst it can corrupt your save.
    If you have played Bethesda games before you should already be in the habit of saving often.

    Bethesda fully support modding their titles The GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit a community modding tool released by Bethesda themselves) release is just around the corner and we will hopefully start to see more in depth mods with changes with character scripting, custom quests and the like.

    I've got my heavily modded install of FO4 working completely stable so I figured it was time to put some notes down, even if it's just for my reference.

    In saying that I personally don't like to use mods that are irreversible, any of the mods listed can be removed and previously modded saves re loaded, you will get a message "this saves relies on missing content blah blah blah", does not matter things should go on working without issue with the respective mods assets removed and once a new save file is generated you will not see the missing content message again.

    Further you obviously mod at your own risk Myself/TOG/The Rock/The flying spaghetti monster are not responsible for any unintended consequences that may or may not arise for modding your game.

    I've been modding the fallout series of games for 8 years and...


    First Post will be the bulk, initial setup to get everything working together.
    Post two will be a bunch or recommended mods
    Post three will be for FAQ/support and the GECK

    Working folders
    C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4
    Used in initial setup and after game updates

    C:\Users\*yoursystemname*\Documents\my games\Fallout4
    Used in initial setup

    Used anytime changes are made in NMM or LOOT

    Required files

    Notepad ++
    If your going to be editing config files, use a program that was designed to do it that wont put in erroneous characters.


    Nexus Mod Manager
    DL link at the top.
    Recommend getting an account on nexus if you don't have one, makes life much easier.
    Download it install it add your account details.

    Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community


    LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community

    Used to fix mod load order
    Manual DL, no install required, works from anywhere

    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
    grab the 7z archive

    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)

    Unpack it and copy
    to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

    Open NMM click the cogs, go to fallout 4 tab
    Under "Custom Launch Command" in the "Command" box
    Modify and add this line relative for your system
    C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\f4se_loader.exe
    Restart NMM
    The top left box will now have a dowpdown option to launch F4SE
    The fallout launcher is rubbish and messes with mods, one way around it is to make sure
    plugins.txt is set to read only in C:\Users\*yoursystemname*\AppData\Local\Fallout4

    A better fix is to navigate to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

    Rename Fallout4Launcher to Fallout4Launcher_backup
    Make a copy of f4se_loader and rename it to Fallout4Launcher

    Game will now launch with F4SE from both NMM and steam and will work with overlay+achievements+gametime.

    This will need to be done anytime there is a game update.
    Config changes in green notes in grey

    Make a copy of files before editing and change .ini to .bak

    Open Fallout4Prefs.ini
    Add or modify the following lines under respective heading


    Open Fallout4Custom.ini

    Add or modify the following lines under respective heading

    if there is anything after sResourceDataDirsFinal= wipe it out it, it is depreciated and only adds to load times

    Open fallout4.ini
    Add or modify the following lines under respective heading
    uInterior Cell Buffer=12
    uExterior Cell Buffer=144

    iNumHWThreads should match how many logical processors you have in task manager


    iPresentInterval=0 turns off FO4s version of vsync, which is garbage we are going to clamp fps with ENB
    FPS must be clamped in betheshda games, the engine pysics are directly tied to fps and if you exceed 75fps things like terminals will stop working.

    change fov to what is desired you can play around in game with console commands
    tilde to open console
    fov xx yy
    where xx is first person yy is third person
    fov 90 90
    fov 85 90


    fMouseHeadingYScale changes based on the aspect ratio of your monitor, this fixes the up/down relative look speed while crouched in power armor

    16:9 use .03738
    16:10 use .0336
    4:3 use 0.28
    21:9 use 0.42

    On to modding

    Serious performance enhancement, fallout on steroids
    Can take single digit FPS up to 40 fps and 20-30fps up to solid 60 with dips to 40's in the city.

    Offloads GPU ram to system RAM

    Fallout 4

    get the latest version number

    into main FO4 folder C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

    edit enblocal.ini
    make sure FPS limit is on

    depending on how much system ram you have you can edit

    Basically this setting takes away from your OS ram and allocates it to FO for use as extra VRAM similar to a page file
    Make sure you leave at the bare minimum 8gb for your OS
    if you only have 8-12gig of ram leave it false
    if you have 16gig set it 4096
    I personally have 32gig so I have it set to 16384
    less is more don't starve your system

    Additional options after testing
    If you have issues with screen tearing enable vsync (recommended to leave off)


    If your game feels worse you can try flipping this flag to false.
    Dynamically lowers shadow draw distance when fps tanks under set value

    Shadow Boost - AB Software Development

    into main FO4 folder C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4
    you can tune it if you already have good fps
    by modifying
    in ShadowBoost.ini
    never set it above 58, remember it is only meant to stop fps tanking in cities, you don't want shadows popping in and out constantly.
    These are downloaded straight into NMM
    Make sure NMM client is open, you are logged in on the site and client and
    Click on the "download with NMM" link on the nexus site

    FAR - Faraway Area Reform
    Tweaks horizon to make it look better for less

    Fallout 4 Mod Installation - Nexus Wiki

    Optimized vanilla Textures
    The game has a lot of textures you never really see in 4k, lowering them improves performance without noticeable visual fidelity loss.

    Optimized Vanilla Textures at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community

    Installation and config with NMM and LOOT
    In NMM make sure all the plugins are ticked in the plugins tab.

    On the mods tab click on the mod once they have finished downloading (can be viewed in the download manager at the bottom).

    Click the green tick to install, repeat for all mods. (in this case OVT and FAR)

    Exit NMM

    Navigate to C:\Users\*yoursystemname*\AppData\Local\Fallout4
    remove the read only flag from plugins.txt (right click>properties>read only

    The above read only change needs to be done anytime you run loot.
    Run LOOT

    Click the Down arrow top right

    Click the sort button (three lines left of down arrow)

    Click apply if changes to load order required

    Close Loot

    Open NMM

    Start game with F4SE flag load a save and check stability/framerate/ect

    ENB has a FPS counter with numpad * personally I use MSI afterburner.

    Don't be put off if the start screen with power armour is chugging, the mods aim to optimise the game not the load screen, it should settle out if you continue to watch it, not that it matters.

    The LOOT process should be run anytime you add a new mod.

    Enjoy, post feedback
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    Recommended Mods

    Power Armor Animation Changes
    Select fast enter and exit, the hero stance make unused armour no longer look like quasimodo

    Better Item Sorting
    As the title suggests.

    Craftable Ammo
    As the title suggests.

    Faster Terminal Displays
    As the title suggests.

    Improved Map with Visible Roads
    Default is very bright, suggest darkened, or very darkened if you use power armour a lot.

    Better warning for settlements being attacked
    Pop up box for when settlements come under attack.

    No Unstable Automatron Mods
    Stops the unstable mods in automatron DLC from breaking, kinda OP definitely awesome

    Quieter Settlements
    Set everything at 10%, no longer get deafened by generators and turrets.

    Longer Power Lines
    As the title suggests.

    Move (Get Out the Way)
    Stops companions from blocking you as much

    No Negative Affinity
    I take anything that's not bolted down, but I don't want that to effect which companions I can and cannot use.

    More radio stations
    Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
    Dependency for many armour mods

    Armorsmith Extended
    Makes most clothing work under armour, plus much more

    Concealed Armors
    Works with armorsmith to add an option to make over armour invisible.

    The Rebel
    Probably one of the best armour mods in the game, adds gloves, backpack hoody and gas mask, compatible with armorsmith and concealed armors.
    Crafted from the chemistry station.
    Cell Respawn Timer
    Customise how many in game days before areas return from cleared state.

    Customize Legendary Enemy Spawning
    Greatly increases legendary spawn rates, go with 50-100 for most insanity.

    Enemy Level Scaling
    Tries to force enemy scaling to your level, it should limit older areas being low level, warning for mid-late game only, makes early game impossible not uncommon to see enemies 30 levels above you.
    Settlement Keywords (SK)
    Dependency for most settlement mods

    Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
    Adds more crap to put into your settlements.

    Immersive Vendors
    Makes settlement stores look amazing.
    Legendary Modification
    Adds option to craft legendary mods, different levels of difficulty.
    Adds legendary mod slots to clothing.
    Additional options for armour/guns/power armour to have two mods, crafted from the L2M workbench.
    Currently bugged only difficulty that works is very easy.

    Instigating two shot gauss rifle? sure

    Explosive sentinel mini gun with sentinel quadruple durability martyrs power armour? why not

    If you use this I suggest storing your old weapons,armour/power armour and creating new stuff, that way you won't lose anything if you chose to change difficulty or remove the mod.
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