Fallout 76 - What went wrong

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    So, I made use of the 'free weekend' offered by Steam (May 2020) and dusted off my Bethesda Account and got excited.

    Yes, I'd read the other reviews. Yes, I'd seen the countless rants and that's fine. Just like me, that's someone else’s opinion.

    Again, unlike so many claims and doomsayers, the install, although rather heavy (weighing in at 55GB) went without a hitch, and I was quickly whisked away to the character creation screen. To be fair, I didn't spend too long here, I wanted to get into the game.

    Just think of the Character Creation as Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea.

    There I was, in Fallout 76. I got up an began to search every aspect of the Vault. The Vault layout was extremely familiar;

    Just think of the Standard Vault layouts in Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea.

    Finally, after exploring everywhere and reading everything and taking the required (and hidden) holotapes, I made my way outside ... with no weapons (to be fair, part of the story line. However, leaving a Vault to wander the wastes with no weapons seems critically insane). I found myself outside the vault after a brief load screen and looked around at the trees, flowers and wasteland.

    Just think of the Wasteland in Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea.

    I wandered off to look for resources and a weapon and, after looting a corpse I found (Just think of the corpses in Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea), I had a simple pipe pistol (Just think of the pipe pistol Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea).

    Off I wandered and found a Mr Handy, who gave me a quest to confront two women down the path ... The quest was loaded into my pip-boy and the marker added;
    Just think of the Quest system in Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea.

    I wandered around some more and found a camp site with a cook area, weapons bench and armour bench. I scrapped all my trash, repaired my gear and made some ammo. The crafting system was VERY similar to a game I had played before - Fallout 4.

    I went down to the first town as part of my quest and went into a bar (which instanced) and was confronted with a scripted scene and a choice selection - reminiscent of many decision-based games. Suffice to say, just think of the scripted NPC quests in Fallout 4 and you'll have a good idea.

    I left the bar and *gasp* was confronted by ANOTHER PLAYER. Yes - an actual player called 5243567345435qq ... who didn’t speak English ... and was level 273.

    Through my entire weekend playing (a grand total of 4 hours ... because ... well, read on), I came across a total of 6 real humans. One was Mr. qq, one was a level 4 character that used up a considerable quantity of ammo on my (not realising PVP occurs at level 5) and 4 others ranging from level 100 - 300. None of which I spoke to.

    So - to shorten this down for easier consumption, my time in Fallout 4 online opps, I mean Fallout 76, can be summed up as such;

    It's a lot like Fallout 4 with no soul.

    Would I recommend it? For diehard Fallout fans, treat it like a DLC that you can expect to get ganked a lot after level 5

    Otherwise ... no. It's coming off my PC tonight and won't be returning.
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    I gave it probably three hours and had a similar experience. It superficially looked okay, but never got me hooked. The music while wandering the wasteland was off putting as well. I had a random (mid west american) player chasing me for half an hour wanting to form a group - so it was slightly frustrating that as low level character I couldn't connect with my axe when he got really annoying and needy.

    I loved fallout 3 and 4, but don't think I have the time or interest for this game.

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