Feastival event 17 Sept - 1 Oct 2020

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    Festival peace will be enabled in Hasla for both legacy and Unchained servers, to enable players to complete up to 6 dailly events to earn Festival Coins.

    Special event quests available at 12 PM, 5 PM and 10 PM UTC - time converter here (add your local time zone)

    Rewards are available at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle and appear to be the same as previous Feastivals i.e, decorative flowerbeds, and weapon skins based on culinary items.

    10 coins:- Ruby, Citrine or Gembloom flowerbed
    (Legacy only) 15 coins:- 1 Manastorm crystal
    40 coins:- Weapon skins: Butter Beheader, Croissant Cleaver, Marmalade Mangler, Hummus Humiliator, Jamspreader Jackknife, Short Salad Fork, Long Dinner Fork, Short Whisk Whaler, Mighty Whisk Walloper, Cornclobberer, Great Cornclobberer, Pizza Cutter, Great Stromboli Slicer, Scallion Sniper, Iron Skillet, Chef Hat.

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