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    :) Hello guys,

    Since the beginning, I always wanted to make my life on Archeage at the ocean, so fishing was my first attempt and it is working very well on 3.0 as a fast, easy and efficient way to earn some money.

    At first, you all please forgive my miserable english! :rolleyes:

    OK, so HOW TO START FISHING ON ARCHEAGE 3.0? How's fishing nowadays?


    - Fast way to earn some money: You deliver your fish and gets your money right away, no delay time like trading packs.
    - Very good labor conversion on gold: You usually will spend 800 labor to make up to 115G in no more then 40minutes.
    - Chum and bait now are very cheap.
    - Chum can be crafted now, which is the main reason of good profit now.
    - The less profit you will make on my experience now is 60G, my record was 115G in ONE boat run. (if you find a fishing spot near Two Crowns for example, you can fish and run back for more 3-4 fishes)
    - Proficiency will be gain when you hook the fish, not when you catch it out of water, which is a good feature, since you can always loose the big ones for the respawn timer (5 mins).


    - You HAVE to have a fishing boat. Easy to craft, not so easy to grind 250 Gilda Starts. I recommend going to freedich in non-USA primetimes. I know that the 1 by 1 run with a clipper can be boring, but it totally worth it after that.
    - You CAN and you WILL be ganked in the ocean. Put that in your head, every time you are at the ocean, you are exposed and eventually someone will find you someday. Imagine that you are fishing for half hour in the same spot, someone can literally go swimming to kill you from the continent.
    - Fishing boats are SLOW and fishing spawns vary their location. You have to find a route yourself.
    TIP: I usually fish in the Southern part of the map, there is some good spots, ppl dont usually go there much often to hunt you, just be aware of Ghost Ships routes and jellyfish aggro.

    Getting started:

    Ok, so you make that huge effort and build your LongLiner Fishing Boat! (250 gilda starts - Mirage Island)

    Notes: Your fishing boat can hold 5 small (fry) and regular fishes above those nets in the midde of the boat. When you manage to catch the 37K life fish, as known as Gargantuan fish, you will put it in the big hook in the back of the boat.

    TIP: Fishes have a 5 minutes despawn time when hooked. If you dont take it out of water in that time, it will just vanish and you loose the fish. When you have around 20K of proficiency, dont even bother trying to catch a Gargantuan, if you hook one, just recast your rod and start with another one.

    Very good start! Now you have to pick a rod accordingly to your skill level.

    It follows the order:


    Bamboo Fishing Rod - 0 Fishing Proficiency - Very easy to make or buy at AH
    Steel Fishing Rod - 10.000 Fishing Proficiency
    Springy Steel Fishing Rod - 20.000 Fishing Proficiency
    Gilt Fishing Rod - 30.000 Fishing Proficiency
    Archeum Fishing Rod - 50.000 Fishing Proficiency
    Arcadium Smart Rod - 0 Fishing Proficiency - bought from AH, very good start!

    TIP: I strongly advice you to buy from AH the ARCADIAN SMART ROD, since it has a 100days expire time and it has the same "strenght" as a Gilt Fishing Rod.

    Getting Started: Proficiency 0

    Ok, so you took the Bamboo or the Arcadian Rod, you have to buy some BAIT WORM from AH (I would say like 1000) and invest 10K LABOR to get you started.

    Dont even try to go out in the ocean with no experience, no proficiency, because I can be very frustrating. You will loose fish more often and the exposure may not compensate that. I recommend that you do AFK fishing for at least 10.000 Fishing Proficiency (10K labor).

    Doing that AFK fishing (just equip your rod, have Bait on you and right+click mouse on the "T" button that will appear and click on water), you will get the CHUM that you will need! You have usually 2 options for fishing. Ocean Fishing or in rivers, lakes and so on. I recommend that you dont fish in "freshwater" because you dont actually need anything from there. You just go to the ocean and AFK fishing there.

    In the ocean, you will gather different kinds of fishing, like Shrimp and so on. You will transform them all in Dawn Lake Essence, but you will HOLD with you "PIKES". As I mentioned earlier, you will now take all the PIKE you got from AFK fishing on Ocean and will transform them all in CHUM named Bucket of Sliced Fish (???).

    Fishing Proficiency at 10.000

    Now you have your new Steel Fishing Rod (AH or craft) or your Arcadian Rod still, you have the Chum that you created using Pike and you can buy your new Baits too to start Sport Fishing!

    - I wont say anything about freshwater sportfishing, because is basically the same as ocean, but wont give your money enough to pay chum and baits.

    Arcadian Rods uses Red Lure, each different rod will tell in the item description what kind of Lure that you will use!

    Pick your boat and go out in the ocean. I recommend that you put an Alt of yours or a friend in the Fishing Scope Device (???) on your boat and start looking for Fishing spots that will appear as a little FISH in your radar.

    Once you get there, you park your boat nearby and apply the CHUM (bucket of sliced fish) into that spot. I will change that area to the status of Frenzy Feeding Fish and you finally put your rod in the water!

    Once you are there, you will catch your first fish in no time!

    Catching fish efficiently

    When you hook a fish in the Ocean, there will be 4 kinds of fishes there.

    - Pufferfish
    - Blue Tuna
    - Sailfish
    - Marlin (blue)
    - Sunfish (very freaking rare, seems to exist yet)

    Any of those fishes above can appear on your hook in 3 different sizes, which will give you different competition and different amounts of money when you deliver it.

    You have the "FRY" ones - usually around 7G - 14G, with the total amount of 18K of Health-bar and very slow life regen.
    You may have the Regular or Medium ones - usually around 9G - 16G, with the total amount of 30K of Health-bar and a medium amount of life regen.
    And you may have the Gargantuan ones - usually around 12G - 40G, with a total amount of 37K of Health-bar and a high percentage of life regen.

    As I said earlier, the easiest gargantuan fishes are Pufferfish and BlueTuna, but even they can be hard to hook it up when you have less then 20K of proficiency.

    The Fish Fight!

    Once you hooked that fish, it will start to move across the ocean, based on where you are. So it will move LEFT or RIGHT, DOWN to the bottom or will RUN AWAY from you, and finally JUMP of the water.

    You will see that you have to do DMG to the fish in order to catch it.
    When he goes Left or Right, or Run Away from you, you will press the corresponding button on your screen to do DMG on him. Do not let it stay more then a few seconds with no action from you, or the wrong button pressed, or the fish will fade!

    You wil notice that you only do DMG to the fish once he goes DOWM to the bottom or JUMP of the water! So you keep in mind that you have to use that button fast in order to maximize DMG to the fish.
    TIP: Once you start to fish, you will see patterns of movement of the fish, so will be easier to predict when it will JUMP!
    TIP2: The fish always get a small "buff" mark under the name of it, saying the movement that hes going to do. Notice that to be a step ahead of him!
    TIP3: The movement usually goes for 3 seconds. You can do 10x the DMG on the fish during that time when you hit the button perfectly.

    DMG is built using your Fishing Proficiency combined with your Rod dmg. It doesn't actually vary (if you compare 2 different rods), but it seems to interfere somehow to the actual final number that you will deliver to the fish!


    I hope you guys enjoy the Guide, if you have any different info to complete it, please let me know! Thats all I know till now and I am constantly learning about Fishing. Its a very rewarding and relaxing profession!
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    Excellent guide! I would add one more tip to make it faster getting the right button hit over trying to click on it the way it is in default. Just go into your keybinds and set up your num pad to the corresponding actions. I have mine set up this way. 7 is left, 8 = right, 4 = small reel in, 5 = the big reel in and 6 = runaway fish.

    Also there is ice fishing available in Miroir Tundra. It isn't that exciting but there is the rare drop Glacial Crayfish which is a component used in making the Radiant Dawnsdrop Boots. I believe 120k proficiency is required for that.

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