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    Some of TOG are already involved in this, maybe some of the others could check this out too.

    For anyone looking for some FH2 action with on full server in our region - The new
    'Forgotten Honor Tournament - Oceania' comp has started.

    Register here:

    With the release of Forgotten Hope 2 (the BF2 WW2 mod), Forgotten Honor Tournament brings you the greatest World War II experience ever, The Desert War. This new campaign will bring you to the blood soaked sand dunes of North Africa. With the fall of Europe, Great Britain stands alone to defend her colonies in North Africa against the new German Reich. Choose to fight under the newly formed Africa Korps, under the leadership of the greatest German Field Marshal: Erwin Rommel. Or choose to take part under the banner of the 8th army's "Deserts Rats," containing England's best.

    The Oceania Forgotten Honour Tournament is unique in our region. Its scale and concept brings together players from several different communities to play in a historically based series of battles on 64 player maps. Enlist today and join the ranks of the greatest World War II tournament in Forgotten Hope. Become the desert soldier of 1942 and experience what a real army is.


    Regardless of which side you choose to fight for, you will fight with honour on the battlefield with your comrades beside you. You will feel the struggle and pressure veterans had to face. You will fight the way war is meant to be fought. You will fight the Forgotten Honor way.

    Develop in real time as a soldier in the desert war, gain new friends, earn respect and promotions from your officers, and gain medals for your valiant efforts. Take part in the greatest military strategies in the desert war and deliver victory to your army.

    The registration for The Desert War - Oceania has now opened and we welcome everyone to participate in this great Battlefield experience.

    The Desert War will offer you:

    -32 vs 32 battles every Sunday night.
    -An original chain of command system with Generals in the Headquarters and private soldiers on the front line.
    - Make a career from soldier all the way up to General and possibilities to earn medals.
    -Team play on the highest possible level!
    -A powerful 64-player server.
    -A very active community with people from all over the world


    Register here:

    CYA there
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    Thx mate, will pass it on
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    top stuff!

    custom maps and mods help keep games alive!

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    Thanks Conti..Nice post mate.

    Burnt Oak has posted in the BF42 forums.

    To any of the TOGgers out there that Have BF2 but like a good realistic WW2 game it is worth a try. This is a great way to play with and get aquainted to the players from other BF clans within Australia (and the world, depending of the trourney you sign up for) and you will also see some of the great skill level's out there.

    The organisation and time put into this tourney from all players and admins from around the world is wonderful, and if you into this platform I would say give it a go!

    There are options for the Euro's, Americana's and Down under (oceania)

    It's a 1.2 Gig mod and the client files are here.

    Forgotten Hope 2 Client v1.0 for Battlefield 2 - BigPond GameArena

    Internode Games Network File Library :: Forgotten Hope 2 (No Registration Required)

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