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Discussion in 'Free to grind' started by Leevers, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Leevers

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    Is anyone playing this? 46 friends on steam have it installed, but it doesn't seem anyone has given it a crack. I'm just curious about these free2play MMO's and how much held back you are unless you make in-game purchases?
  2. Ariya

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    Belgium (Europe)
    I've been testing FW for a while now, tried different classes. It's one of the better new f2p mmo's. I like all Perfect World releases, and even stayed on one of them for half a year or more.

    Their are some features that seem to return in each new f2p they release, but this one has something for everyone.

    And to answer your question, it all depends on how casual or hardcore you intend to play the game. The game is ideal for casual players, you can easily play it without buying anything from the item shop with real money.

    If you are a hardcore player it all depends on your skill and on how much patience you have.
    If you want to get well equipped and high level within only a few weeks without putting a lot of effort in it, then yes, you will pay a lot. If you take your time, and don't mind farming and running a lot of instances in group there is always a way to get a nicely geared end level character.
  3. Scratch

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    Canberra, AU
    I've been playing for about a week and I'm enjoying it. When I started playing I did the usual click through you do when you are given quests, you don't read the text, just follow the bouncing ball but eventually started reading what was going on and the main quest is actually pretty cool with an interesting story.

    There is no grinding as such, you get bugger all exp from killing single mobs but there are a few instances quests which run at certain times of the day which yield excellent exp and gear. Unfortunately for us in the AEST time zone, those quests only run during the day (from about 11am to 4pm AEST) or very early morning (from about 3am to 8am) so if you're just casual and don't get to game much on the weekend (like me) your mileage may vary.

    Having said that, there are instances which run all the time and plenty of other quests to do which keep you busy. I particularly like the way-point system which lets you set a way point and the game auto-runs you to the location, handy if your attention is often divided when gaming (like mine!). Quests are also point and shoot (i.e. the way points are hot spots in your quest log) so you _can_ set auto pilot for quests waypoints also if you want to, but you don't have to if you think that's cheating/boring.

    Apart from that, the game looks gorgeous, there aren't many customisation options for characters (about 10 options for hair and face) but even the Dwarven females look great (as in, not a girl with a beard, or whatever hideous lump other games female dwarves). The environment is also very nice, mobs are varied, there's not much random agro so exploring is easy and fun.

    There are my random thoughts, if you decide to play come join me on Lionheart server (PvE West), I'll be on as Wraa or Blee.
  4. Ebonytears

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    Dec 12, 2009
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    I'm trying this game...but I must admit there are a few aspects that I'm finding hard to get over.

    This will prove how truely shallow I have become. I am having trouble with the fact that my female character starts out looking like an anorexic that has just stepped out of a brothel. I can handle the skimpy outfit but she is just way too thin.
    I'm also having trouble with what she does when she's standing still for awhile. I'm used to my character yawning, flicking her hair etc but I honestly can't work out what's she's doing and it just looks plain wrong whatever it is.

    I don't think I'm in the right frame of mind to truely give the game a proper test.

    Edit: been looking into this a bit more and the game actually has more depth than I originally thought. I'm still finding my character too thin and combat feels a bit...sluggish but the game itself has quite alot to offer. I think it felt shallow for me because you have to get to lvl 10 before you can start professions etc and I was looking for a quick fix at the time. Will be spending a bit more time and seeing how it goes after lvl 10
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  5. Ludy

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    Aug 13, 2009
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    Okinawa Japan
    Been playing this for last few days. Not a bad game at all. Tons of stuff to do and in about 20hours of game time no real reason to buy stuff from shop.

    Most of the population seems to be level 35+ so I am able to coast thru on all my quests. An item mall game with a PvE server is also nice. Played in a few before and it always seemed to push you towards PvP to get you to do the shop.

    Gonna try out Eden Eternal this week and see which one I like better. Have a free putz around MMO is a nice change.
  6. dday_0612

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    Jan 21, 2005
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    I tried this game out and have really enjoyed it. My character is almost level 30. I decided on a Bard, and I think I chose the best class for myself! The mechanics of the Bard are really creative and great.

    Not sure how I will feel later on, but this game is really intriguing me at the moment.

    Look me up on the "west" server (called Alena or something like that). Excema the Bard.
  7. Xarry

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    Alittle late to reply here, but I am also playing this, have been for a while, have 5 toons all up high and dabbling in a mage now, he is level 39. Im on Lionheart server, Tigurios is my mage if you want to look me up.
  8. Asmodai

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    May 23, 2008
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    Tried it but lack of invert mouse (srsly ppl, it's 2011, get with the program) leaves me almost incapable of playing this.

    I also encountered a significant number of graphic glitches (static objects like tables would jump around, mobs would appear/disappear from view etc). What little I saw of the game seemed interesting but the rest of it has put me off unfortunately.

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