Friendly Scrim Round Robin Competition

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    Hi TOG,

    I had previously played with many of you in Battlefield Games, and I guess now you all know my age haha. Below is our invitation and information in an interim competition that will probably go for a couple of weeks [Not too long though as the holiday season is close]

    After the news posted on the cyber gamer forum of their ladder being so small in a COD style format, ACiiD (Clan Founder) has given us at the green light to start a Friendly Scrim Round Robin as an interim competitive ladder.

    We are inviting you and your clan to participate in our Friendly Scrim Round Robin Competition.

    This will be a 16v16 Conquest for the first season and will host the matches on our servers.
    As for the Rules....THIS IS WAR!
    There will be no rules apart from every team must be clean.............NO HACKERS!
    PunkBuster will be on and our admins will randomly check up on players in every team.

    Settings in Game:
    Kill cam = OFF
    3d spotting = OFF
    Flash-lights = OFF [Until Patched]
    Regenerative health = OFF
    Friendly Fire = ON
    Spawn on Squad Leader = ON
    All other settings will be maintained at default.
    MAPS in Conquest Mode


    Once the teams are confirmed in the Ladder, we will moderate each war, with both clans/teams/groups able to decide upon the day and time that best suits them. With a Captain of each team to post the results on our website under a new thread that is yet to be made. [Our official Website for this Competition is still currently been worked on]

    Depending on the amount of clans/teams/groups that sign up, the number of rounds will be worked out that should best suit the numbers.

    Your clan's input is also important to us so please contact us here for any suggestions or questions you may have, here: AK-101 View topic - Friendly Scrim Round Robin

    Please let us know if you are interested, so that we may determine how many teams to have and when you will be able to participate. Towards of the end of November is when we are thinking the Friendly Scrim Round Robin will start.

    Note: As far as we can tell, GameArena & CyberGamer will most likely start their competitive ladders in the new year. If your team can only field say 12 players you do have the option of getting the opposing team to fight with 12 players.

    With a beer in one hand and a mouse in the other, Master_D
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    Sounds good, assume the Dogs are in. I'll get profile up on that forum so I can post directly.
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    i'll check with the guys, but i think the hellions will be in
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    Welcome to FPS Fight Club presented by ACiiDMaN the founder of

    We are pleased to invite your clan to our first round robin 16v16 conquest match

    Here are the rules
    No Infra red, laser sights or flashlights. Everything else goes.
    (we may change this once they have fixed them)

    100 = Win
    75 = Draw
    50 = lose or forfeit

    2 Games per round, ie: one start from each end of the map.
    Different map played each week.
    Everyone plays everyone once, 9 rounds then highest 4 scores go to the finals.

    Each team will need a min 12 players to play the round and must list 3 players only, to be able to post in global chat in game for start of round and confirm scores at end of round. All players must have your clan tag on.

    Roster of team slots for matches. All teams are to work out for yourselves, with your opponent, to arrange the time for your match. The server will be available to play two rounds Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8pm AEST and 9pm AEST and anytime Saturday and Sunday 2pm through to 9pm.
    There will be a 10 minute joining window. If your team is not logged in within 10 minutes of your agreed time then you forfeit.
    All Rounds must be played by 11pm Wednesday night and all results posted by Thursday 4pm AEST ready for post of the next round Thursday night.

    The Prize
    Winner takes all
    BF3 64 slot server free for three months
    Donated by

    Could all clan captains please join us for a meeting on Tuesday the 22/11/2011 at 8pm AEST
    The FPS FIGHT CLUB vent server details are IP = PORT = 4081

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