Funny app just like Flappy Bird, frustrating but addicting..

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    So I made an app only on Android devices similar to FlappyBird but completely unique since many people
    loved FlappyBird and so I decided to bring the good old fun back to life.

    It's my first app so I'm a bit nervous if people will like it or not but here goes..
    If you like it then please rate, review or share your score on GooglePlay as it
    will tell me if i did good or bad which would mean allot to me.

    I'm greatly sorry that it's only available on Android devices and will try my best
    to make an Apple version for the rest of FlappyBird retro gamers to play :).

    The name is called FlappyPigeon and you can search for it on GooglePlay
    by typing: FlappyPigeon (without spaces).
    Link to the app on Google Play:

    Thank you and please post your feedback on here too if you can so i know if
    I did good or bad.

    Also, I'd like to create a small fun competition were you post your highest score below
    and the highest, wins and will be officially a retro pro :)!

    Thanks and enjoy!

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