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    Put up at the request of a buddy of mine:

    I wanted to tell you a little about my new RPG Group Finder site to find game groups to join in your local area. It’s totally free. It’s newer and getting very good traffic and reviews. The word is starting to spread.

    Finding a role-playing group in your local area used to be a daunting task but not anymore! We help connect players with new or existing role-playing game groups in your local area. We currently have USA and Canada in our database. More locations are in the works.


    This site focuses on all types of role-playing (RPG) games, rpg/fantasy card games, RPG board games, and miniature games!

    If you have an existing RPG game group or starting a new role-playing game and need players, just submit a game listing in your local area.

    I created this site to help players connect with game groups in their local area and for game masters to find more players. The site is totally free.

    I have been an avid role-player for many years and it’s really been hit or miss trying to find a game I could join in my area. I did everything I could, visited the local game shops, joined groups, etc. I missed a lot more than I hit when looking for a game and I knew there had to be a better way. So I created this site.

    A site like this would have saved me a lot of time looking for a game back then. Personally I think more people would play games if they could actually find them.

    The website officially launched 5-1-09 so it's newer and I’ve been heavily promoting it. I have ramped up my campaigns nationwide to drive traffic to the site.

    The site will only be as good as the people that use it so if you have a game and need more players or starting a new game, go ahead and post a game. It will encourage others to use this as the main hub for connecting gamers together.

    Reasons you might want use RPG Game Find

    1. Easy to post your game
    2. Free of charge
    3. Easy to find games by zip code or browsing, it has sections to easily see your state
    4. No signup or registration required
    5. Game postings are no more than 3 months old so you always get current games
    6. Post as many ads as you want
    7. Site includes Role-play games, board games, miniatures, and fantasy card games.
    8. Access to forums to make suggestions or give feedback
    9. New Games looking for players are being added daily
    10. We actively market and spread the word about the site
    11. Has a RSS feed
    12. We work with local gaming groups, game shops, publishers, conventions and other related websites to promote the gaming community

    Check it out and enjoy!

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    Another site for those that are interested, but from my understanding is more a complete listing of every game available and reviews based on them
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    I think the site logan9a is referring to is more for tabletop RPG games, rather than online ones :)

    Fantastic idea btw, if they ever expand the site to include Aussie regions then I'd definitely give it a go.
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