Gamigo 20th anniversary events 2-29 Oct 2020

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    Following on from legacy Archeage's 6th birthday recently, the publisher of Archeage/Archeage Unchained for Europe and North American regions has announced concurrent events, including 'Double' and 'Server' events, for its own 20th anniversary. The events run from 2-29 October 2020. Full details are here but a summary schedule is below.

    The top 9 players in each 'server event' on both ArcheAge Free-to-Play and ArcheAge: Unchained will compete and share 10,000 Anniversary Points proportionally. Winners participate in a global raffle across all Gamigo games for a chance at GIGABYTE gaming devices and other digital rewards for ArcheAge.

    Players can also earn Anniversary Points by participating in screenshot competitions, see below.

    In addition, a new 'Gamigo tier rewards' system based on real money purchases of game-specific anniversary packs (as a minimum, these contain fireworks, combat and labour buffs, plus cosmetics in the higher level packs) that unlock reward tier packs for all players has been announced. Details for ArcheAge here and Archeage Unchained here.

    Note: as previously announced here, Jake the Plushie remains active to help with your gear systhesis until 1 AM UTC on October 15, 2020 (local time here, add your local time zone).

    Event schedule
    2-8 October:

    Double event: 2x Vocation Badges
    Server event: Turn in the most Harani/Nuian cargo into Freedich Island on your server, during the entire week.
    Also see 'Screenshot competition' below

    9-15 October:
    Double event: 2x Loot Drop Rate
    Server event: Defeat Meina & Glenn, the Dread Necromancer Anthalon in the Garden of the Gods, and the Red Dragon the most times on your server

    16-22 October:
    Double event: 2x Honor and EXP
    Cross-server event - players compete for top (1-9) ranking for your server cluster in:
    • Legacy archeage: Open world player kills
    • Unchained: Labour spend
    23-29 October:
    Double event: 2x Loot Drop Rate
    Server event: Complete the most dungeons on your server

    Screenshot competitions
    In addition, there is are two screenshot competitions:
    • 2-8 October in-game, on the topic 'Trading is life, trading is love', ie you + 'friends' + trade pack(s) en route to Freedich - details here. The prize is 20,000 Anniversary Points shared between participants (minimum participant prize = 500 points).
    • 1-29 October 'Share your moment' contest for social media - share your most memorable moment from any gamigo game, or just wish Gamigo a happy birthday (creatively) via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #gamigo20 for a chance to win a limited-edition Gamigo hoodie. Further details here
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