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    Recently my old gaming chair had lost its lustre, and the padding in the seat, so went looking for a replacement. After checking out a few chair review websites I settled on the Secretlabs Titan chair. Delivery was within a few working days (from Sydney to the Gold Coast). The packaging of the chair was exceptional and the instructions large and reasonably clear (had to look at the pictures a couple of times to determine which way around to mount some objects). Pretty simple to put together although it helps a lot to have someone assist with putting the back seat rest on to the base.

    Initial impressions when first sitting on it is that the seat is firm (reviews say that it moulds a bit to you after a few weeks) and when leaning back it never feels as though you are going to tip over. The back seat rest can also tilt back by itself til it is almost horizontal (handy if you want to look at the ceiling). It comes with adjustable lumbar support and you can lock the seat to stop it tilting. The finish on the PU Leather and stitching is spot on. I'm expecting it to last quite a bit longer than my sons chair (another brand) that the leather started peeling away on. It does have some branding on it which I'm not super keen on.

    It is certainly not the cheapest chair out there but so far it comes with a solid recommendation from me.

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    My son has just bought the exact same chair and put it together last night,I was sceptical about the price but it a very nicely made chair.
    I sat in and it did feel quite firm,the main feature my son bought it for (besides the quality) was the lumber adjustment as he gets a sore back while gaming.
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