[DONE] General Member Application — possibly focused on Fallout 76, but open to others

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by GreyWhispers, Jun 14, 2019 at 4:26 AM.

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    Hi all,
    Here's the meat of it.

    What games are you currently play/looking to play with TOG?
    Fallout 76 — been on the fence about jumping into this, the announced E3 updates seem promising;
    Star Citizen — they do a good job in marketing; I created an account but still on the fence about pledging and level of pledge
    City of Titans — If this comes out, it's probably jumping to the top of the heap!

    What was the first machine you played games on or pen and paper game you played?
    Atari 2600: fond memories of Superman and Adventure games

    Why do you want to join TOG?
    Looking for a casual like-minded community.

    Mostly playing now:
    Currently alternating between XCOM 2 and Fallout 4 (Because of my insistence on perma-death, I'm not confident on ever finishing this Fallout version. Sooo many restarts...)
    Mobile: SWGOH (Can I get some more Mk 5 Stun Gun bits please!!!)

    Looking forward to:
    The Outer Worlds

    Good MMORPG times over the years playing:
    City of Heroes / City of Villians
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Star Trek Online (Could have used a community here)
    Ultima Online

    Home base and availability:
    Southern California
    I grab a decent amount of free time on the weekends
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    Hah I was going to say what no wow and then I saw wow. Ahh well 2_I will be happy with more people to play space ships with :D

    Congratulations! You have past our stringent don't die before 25 application requirement and have made it into TOG.

    Keep in mind there is more here than the division for that flaky game you have signed up for. There are other flaky games which all have their own division and other things of wonder, joy and wtf.

    Public Forums (Philistines only or less then 25. Same thing)
    Member Forums (General chat, cat videos, VR, laboratories, Steam and Discord invites)
    Member News (If you have a mind like mine you just laughed)
    Simulation and Sports Divisions (This is for simulation and sports games!)
    Strategy, RPG and other Games (This is for err... Strategy, RPG and other Games)
    FPS (Brutal and horrific death. Lots of fun!)
    MMORPG (Also brutal and horrific death but sometimes ponies)
    Operations (The name you picked is stupid and you want to change it? Policies and stuff)
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    Thanks Shrubbo,
    I look forward to getting more into it here.
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