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    I've been wondering if we could maybe come up with a generic TOG signature to display on our names which would cover all Multi Player Console Gaming. Is it possible.

    Would display our link to console gaming in general and online multi player clans.

    No matter what multi player game we are playing we could have the same clan and sig.

    Maybe a catchy theme to it like......TOG - The Older Geriatrics, Tough Old Gits (or Guys), The Obsidian Guard, The Outspoken Ghosts, The Old Guard, The Obsequious Guards, The Ornery Goats,

    Just something we can come together under a common banner as it were.

    Maybe we could add more specifics to the 2012 console player listings to reflect what specific games we are playing. Not just FPS but maybe abreviated game names like SH / BF3 / MW3 / etc

    One which could be updated should the player change games instead of a separate thread for each game. Not sure if this word work.
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    I'm happy to knock up the gfx if we can come up with a mutually agreeable design/name idea.

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