Goal Line Blitz - American Football MMO

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    Goal Line Blitz - American Football MMORPG

    Been playing this quite a lot, so thought I might as well give it a quick plug for people who might find it interesting.

    Its a bit of a hybrid genre game really. The MMORPG side is that you create players, who will join teams, earn XP from training and games, and gradually develop into better players as you add to their stats in a manner normally associated with RPGs. The games even have a rudimentary play by play view to watch the action in the sim.

    The game also has a management side that players of the Championship manager, or more closely hattrick and battrick style games will be familiar with.

    Its the interweaving of these two aspects for mine that make the game work.

    The game is currently in the Beta stages, and changes are occurring fairly rapidly - mostly for the good, making the game resemble more and more the real deal. The game already has a pretty decent following, with over 200K unique accounts thus far.

    Seasons are based on a 40 day cycle, with a game every second day, for 16 regular season games plus 4 playoff games/scrimmages.

    The money for the games creators is made through the buying of Flex Points, which can be used to create players, boost players (you can go up an extra 3 levels per season in this way), buy custom equipment (only one item), and own teams (as this stage there is a waiting list for teams, since the number of teams depends on the player population).

    One of the methods they've used to make sure every type of player is represented is to have different types of players cost different amounts. the glamour positions of QB, HB, WR etc cost 300 FP to create, and a further 300FP every time you want to boost. Defenders cost 200, while the grunt position on the Offensive Line cost only 100. This has worked fairly well for the most part, though their is still a glut of QBs. However the market will normally sort this out, as the efficiency of a players build becomes quite important.
    There is a tremendous depth of strategy available in all aspects of the game, and the people in charge have made sure not to completely hand feed every aspect to the players, which makes for an interesting time working things out.
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    I have been wondering when games like this would come out, although for my part I was thinking about basketball. ;)

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