Guild exemption from membership & 25+ age requirement.

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    Please be aware that the ArcheAge Division has been granted an exemption from the membership and 25+ age requirement for the Guild. If you play with the Guild, do not presume others a TOG members.

    All positions are run by TOG members. Non-TOG members cannot hold any position of authority.

    Whilst non-members are welcome to use TOG Discord, they will not be granted members rights. They will have limited rights to play with TOG members.

    TOG Standards and Policies still apply.

    Please note the following requirements:

    "You must be at least 18 years old and competent to enter into a contract to use the Service. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian who is competent will enter on your behalf and take full responsibility for you. Unless we expressly note otherwise, these terms incorporate and supersede any other terms associated with the files and applications available on the domain, its sub-domains, and any international counterparts and sub-domains, as well as affiliated domains and sub-domains operated by The Older Gamers."

    There is an expectation that non-members will still become registered users in the forums to enable some communication.

    The Agreed User Policy: (The Older Gamers Acceptable Use Policy (AUP))
    About TOG Statement & Code of Conduct: (About The Older Gamers (TOG) & Code of Conduct:)
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