Guild Wars 1 15th Anniversary update nostalgia

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    If you played the original Guild Wars series, you may be tempted by the free 15th Anniversary update for Guild Wars 1 which runs from April 22. More info on the update ('Guild Wars' is getting an update for its 15th anniversary)

    You might also be interested in this interview with some of the Anet design team who worked on GW1 and later moved to GW2 (Stare Into The Scrying Pool – A Guild Wars 15th Anniversary Developer Interview)

    The the usual anniversary events like the Dragon Arena will run from 22 April - 6 May 2020 if you feel like a nostalgia hit.

    You should be able to login or recover your old GW1 account details if you have your old box code, email and character name. (If you linked your Guild Wars 1 and 2 accounts, the password will be your Guild Wars 2 password).
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    I tried for days to regain my old GW1 account alas no luck, it had been compromised.
    Started a new account 2 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity online, must be some renewed interest ! Such a great game.

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