[DONE] Hanzie stands ready to haul and maul. (Star Citizen) TOG Application

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Hanzie, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Dec 3, 2016
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    Well hello, ladies and gentlemen.

    Andreas Hansen is my name. 34 y.o. Sweden.
    I am somewhat new to the community-side of gaming. The only proper game-alliance I've played with before was on an old textbased game called "Earth2025", with a group called RAGE. That must have been 15 years ago. Other than that, I've mostly played my mmo's solo or with some random friend I met.

    My first gaming experience was with an old atari when I was a kid. Old black and wooden box. I got a NES later, then fell in love with my Amiga 500/600. Dune 2. Syndicate wars. Settlers 2. I had a Sega Megadrive/genesis but went on to PC pretty fast.

    I was a construction worker since I was 18 until some time ago when I decided to go to university to become a maths teacher. Currently in my 1 year out of 5.

    Anyway, so I got the star-citizen-fluenza like a lot of other people and thought I need to find a nice organisation to park my ships at. I found your organisation and it turns out you got an entire community here. I would very much like to avoid my time to be wasted on too many snotty teenagers and mean people and I hope my application will be accepted.

    But given the size of your community, who knows what games I will be playing now. :)
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    Welcome to The Older Gamers community for those who are 25+ and have a passion for gaming. Your application has been reviewed and approved.

    You may now access all aspects of the TOG Service including:

    • TOG member community forums
    • TOG member communications servers
    • TOG member game Divisions

    Drop by the Lounge to say hello, join a discussion or simply lurk. Feel free to ask any questions.

    Visit the Voice Communications forum for instructions on joining our GameVox Servers.

    Browse through the vast array of gaming Divisions to familiarise yourself with the games and cultures. Each can be very different. In each Division you should find instructions on joining other TOG members in game.

    Join our STEAM Group or Facebook page. Spend some time to check out the forum functions such as user profiles and private messages at the top right corner of the forum. Maybe view site leaders under the Quick Links tab.

    We hope you enjoy the TOG community. Please spread the message to your friends and family who are also interested in gaming.

    All the best!
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    Greetings TOG Citizen,

    We received a communiqué from the Advocacy that you were looking to join our ranks. There is a place set aside for you, now that you have been accepted into TOG. All you need to do is head over to This Thread and you will be able to join in on conversations on all things Star Citizen.

    Please make sure you have a quick read of the sticked thread Division Info - NEW MEMBERS START HERE so that you can get a fundamental grasp of who we are and what we represent.

    Enjoy your time here, Citizen, and all hail the lamp!


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