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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by CZee, May 27, 2018.

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    May 27, 2018
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    Hi There,

    I'm looking forward to joining the TOG community.

    I currently play BF1 & BF4 and simply looking to squad up and having fun. Gaming is simplyu more enjoyable working together as a Squad.

    I've been gaming for about 7 years i think, a group of guys introduced me to COD MW2 and I quickly found Bad Company 2 and was hooked.

    I tried my hand at competative gaming in BF3, joining a few clans and had a lot of fun but prefer to just play casual these days.

    I generally prefer to play the objective rather than worry about k/d or stats. I mainly play nights and sometimes till late on weekends.

    I'm married with 2 girls 8 & 12 who are already starting to talk like they know more that thier parents.

    Hopefully chat and squad up soon.

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    I tried my hand at some competitive stuff. Turned out I sucked real bad :D

    Welcome to The Older Gamers community for those who are 25+ and have a passion for gaming. Your application has been reviewed and approved.
    You may now access all aspects of the TOG Service including:

    • TOG member community forums
    • TOG member communications servers
    • TOG member game Divisions
    Drop by the Lounge to say hello, join a discussion or simply lurk. Feel free to ask any questions.
    Visit the Voice Communications forum for instructions on joining our Discord Server.
    Browse through the vast array of gaming Divisions to familiarise yourself with the games and cultures. Each can be very different. In each Division you should find instructions on joining other TOG members in game.
    Join our STEAM Group or Facebook page. Spend some time to check out the forum functions such as user profiles and private messages at the top right corner of the forum. Maybe view site leaders under the Quick Links tab.
    We hope you enjoy the TOG community. Please spread the message to your friends and family who are also interested in gaming.

    All the best!

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