I like to share with all of you too as well of my updates of what did i gotten

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    I'm doing awesome as always and if you don't mind i like to share with all of you my gaming updates so you what did i gotten in my collection from Christmas up til now & if this is wrong section please fix it & let me know what section can i share both updates,my collection updates & such if you don't mind here are what I've gotten.

    For Christmas: my mom got me a PS4 to be more specific it's a uncharted 4 bundle 500 GB slim PS4,another family member gotten my a game Star Wars Battlefront 1 Deluxe Edition for PS4,1 of my aunts gotten me a FFXV T-shirt & yes it's 1 of my favorite shirts & my mom's niece got me for both for Christmas & for my birthday a $50 dollar bill to be off topic for Music CDs my mom got me Shinedown Amaryllis album & Breaking Benjamin shallow bay the best of Breaking Benjamin deluxe edition album & a another family member got me a 32 GB flashdrive/thumbdrive & they also gotten me a $25 dollar Mario gamestop giftcard of Mario design i don't have yet & they gotten me a new pair of shoes & mom also gotten me a new pair of shoes.

    & mom also gotten me some old spice stuff since i love old spice other then that they gotten me some nice clothes.

    Back to topic of gaming on December 26th I've bought myself J-stars Victory VS+ for PS4 for both to added it to my anime & manga collection & to added it to my PS4 game collection & if you are wondering don't worry i still have the game J-stars Victory VS+ in my collection.

    & for my birthday: my grandma(my dad's mom) gotten me Mini NES Classics either my mom or my dad told her i love the classics or she just knows that i love the classics even though i buy,i still buy,i love,i still love,i play & i still play both the classics & modern games equally & for none gaming for Music CDs my grandma gotten me Nickleback all the right reasons album,Breaking Benjamin dark before dawn album,Shinedown us and them album & my 2nd copy of Nickleback here and now album & if you're curios yes my grandma also gotten me a birthday card.

    & if you're wondering I'm still waiting for my mom to get me the game FFXV for PS4 so there you have it that's what I've gotten so far & what's new with my collection so far i might as well just say this is more of round 1 of my updates+collection updates thanks for reading enjoy & if you wish to comment you can if you want to :).
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