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    In this case though it is specifically my new KVM switch. A KVM switch allows me to use one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse for (in this case) up to 4 PCs. Saving on space, allowing me to have my big 21" screen used on all the systems.

    This information is imparted for two reasons.

    1. I like to share
    2. I have 3 of them... and 2 are for sale.

    #1 is a 2 PC model requiring a power supply, is digital, and works by pressing a button. Is small, black. Is worth $269.00+AUD from what I just found online.

    #2 is a 4 PC model with rotating barrel system, like the old printer sitchers. Works very well, and is slightly older than he new one that i have now. It cost me $95 alone, and then I had to add cables. Worth about $25 a set of 3 (video, mouse and keyboard).

    Both require the leads, though I do have some, and after keeping enough for me, will give the rest to the 1st person that wants to buy one, and actually does.

    Prices? Well for the BlackBox, I am after $100 even as is. DS or Jaycar can provide the powersupply (6VDC/0.7A). The other switch, I am after $50.

    If interested, I will expect conversation through ICQ or MSN, shipping to be paid by the buyer if there is one, and if needed. Will deliver in Brisbanish areas.[/u]

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