If you could change the current game??

Discussion in 'No Man's Sky (Public)' started by vesacre, Sep 2, 2016.

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    The idea behind the game has huge potential to be more than what it currently is.

    These are the type of things I feel would improve the game
    • Some of the discovered outposts protected by alien mobs
    • Inventory increase
    • all items able to be stacked
    • land crafts like a buggy or boat to get around
    • Space station limited storage
    • portals that actually work properly - I'm sure they are working on it
    • the npcs you interact with actually move around and do stuff
    • a way warp back to places visited
    There are I'm sure heaps more that can be added, I'll leave that to you

    Now as for multi play I would say noway as it would just bring all the trash talk into the game itself instead of on the public forums.
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    Hello alanc,

    My tiny wishlist so far with the game.

    That inventory slots of the exosuit and ship components have their own dedicated page with an outline. Similar as to how the multi-tool is currently presented strictly with component upgrades.

    More backstory of the explorer alien we're supposedly playing, is he human or what not? Especially as it relates to the scanning binoculars when we upload the data to where and why are we getting game creds for it? (ie lore wise)

    Perhaps open up a chat dialogue window to chat with other players in their own instance of the game world.

    I'm sure plenty of other things will come up during gameplay as to ideas. :)
  3. Coddie

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    The ability to auto-charge weapons, shields etc...

    I'm a PS4 player so it take a bit longer than it would on a K/M combo, especially during space battles and needing to charge your Shield.

    Other things:
    - Upload discoveries in 1 hit
    - FOV increase on PS4
    - Stacking of items (maybe 10 per stack)
    - A freaking MAP for planets! I mean you're flying in a goddam space ship with scanners, why can't you map things. I'm thinking Fog Of War style map.
    - The ability to see yourself (even in a mirror would be enough)
    - Clearer upgrade paths for Ship/Exosuite/Multi-tool. Color coding to let you know if an upgrade recipe is available for instance.

    Only small changes that would make the experience a little more pleasant. I can understand the reasons why some of these aren't an option but still would like to see them in place.
  4. The Old Goat

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    Introduce goats as an intelligent race.
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    That's your character, an evolved intelligent goat.

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