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    just to let everyone know, the game is currently not released in ANY form, that being said domain selection should be soon, as well as the prologue and a Kingdom of Elyria as well. that being said, you can only start out with extra stuff IF you buy packages now, the packages will go away upon launch of the game.

    AGAIN the game is not released in any form but a single player introduction to the game should be rolling out soon for specific people who have bought the game already, then a 2d version of the game will be released as well, then the official game will be released in its full 3d glory.

    if you are a person that wants to wait for videos of a game to decide to play it or not then you should still wait as there are no player created videos yet because no game yet.

    hope you guys decide to try the game out at least when it launches if not for the alpha/beta phases.
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