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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Landrieux, Mar 23, 2015.

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    I am long-time intermittent gamer. I started in gaming mostly with 4X games. Online I started to become very active in DAOC from start up until the Atlantis add on. Marriage and profession do have a way though of constricting time. I have made a few more serious forays into other games, notably ESO (Landrieux is my character name there) and LOTRO (Angfryd). I have dabbled in a few others including TSW (great story line/steep learning curve), Warhammer (fun pvp), World of Warcraft (could not handle the time commitments) and GW2 (good clean mindless fun), none of which I was very consistently present in.

    Job change has made it easier for me to spend some time online and I have accounts for LOTRO, TSW, ESO and GW2. All of my old guilds seem to have disappeared. I thought I might like to try to make some connections while I kind of mess around in each and decide which suits me best. I happened to see a link to this site while browsing the TSW forum and thought that I might look around for contacts who understand the compromises that family and profession require you make in gaming.

    Hope that gives a sense. I tend to be a weekends/evenings (especially after the wife goes to bed) player and interested in group support/hybrid or healer roles. My LOTRO Captain and DAOC Healer have probably been the most appealing roles.
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    Welcome to TOG, your application has been reviewed and approved. :)

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    All the best! :D
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    Hey mate welcome to TOG! I see you play/played ESO! I’m our NA Guild Leader and just wanted to help point you in the right direction to join us in game. We currently have a guild on each megaserver and now that you're a member of TOG it's easy to join in, just list your @ account name at either of the signup threads;

    NA megaserver: here

    EU megaserver: here

    and feel free to drop by the forums and say hi!


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