Long time no golf!

Discussion in 'Console Talk (Public)' started by MrHappy, May 24, 2012.

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    Hey folks! I'm still alive and kicking! Still playing Xbox, too. I haven't played golf very seriously since the TOG tourney over 3 years ago now...

    Mongrel, Scratches, Dave... How the heck are you guys??? Fancy getting together for some more golf, and I don't know, perhaps another tourney? I bet I could get Oldskool in on it...

    Life has gotten better here, as it tends to do over time. Things are stable and I have gaming time! I've been playing a lot of SW:TOR lately, really enjoying it, but there is something about the console gaming that goes unmatched elsewhere.

    Let me know what's up, fellows, and how things are going!


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