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    Hello TOG followers. My name is brad and i am 24. Im looking for help identifying a specific game i used to play a long time ago, but i don't know the name of it, and ive never seen another like it. Ill do my best to describe it.

    It was an online game, browser based. It was before flash, it was just all scroll boxes and text boxes, in a framed browser window. It was somewhat like an RPG, but not really. What you'd do it make a character, and select monsters you want to kill. as you leveled up you could select new "tier"s of monsters. say i was level 10, i could enter level 10 into one of the boxes and it would generate a list of monster that were increasing difficulty for that level char. you could buy equipment, and if i remember correctly, you could level it up as well. I know that the main thing i remembered is if you died in combat, you died permanently. i believe you had to select what server you wanted to connect to as well. Keep in mind that there were no graphics. the combat was merely a text box explaining on what happened in combat. i do believe that you didn't participate in combat, but you selected who you fought. i don't remember there being a level cap for it either.

    Thanks for reading. Any ideas or thoughts or feedback is appreciated.

    this game has to be pretty old, i remember playing it back in the early 2000's
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    Doesnt' bring anything to mind for me - but then I've almost never played browser-based games.

    Good luck :)

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