Looking for some help with missions I'm lvl 6

Discussion in 'The Clancy Division (Public)' started by thundershots, Mar 19, 2016.

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    I wouldn't be so worried as i looted many of those crates as i went through and they had noting really much in them.. You will get a decent weapon / armour at end of mission and if you finish off entire suburb / area with main mission and the few side missions you get a blueprint from JTF officer ..
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    It is worth finishing off the side missions (light blue colour on the map) before progressing to the next zone.

    Two reasons -

    1. As BN mentioned, you will get a recipe at the completion.
    2. The JTF officer will then give you a new mission to go to a safe house that is next in the level progression. I didn't realise this early on and found that I had skipped a few zones early on.

    Once you finish all the side missions and all the encounters (Medical, Tech, Security) in a given zone, it will then unlock that zone and you will then be able to see all the side quest pickups (missing agents, field survival guide, etc)

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