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Discussion in 'Minecraft (Public)' started by Erephus, Jun 30, 2014.

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    I am looking for a map, a map that my kids can play on. 8 and 10 years.

    I had found a map called Sesame Street, it looked promising, but I could not get it to work. I could start Minecraft, got an option to convert it ... in the end it did not work.

    * I do not want to do anything other than install the map.
    * I do not want to sit infront of Google trying to find "solutions".
    * I do not want to become on "expert" of Minecraft.
    * I really do not want to spend to much time looking at curse.com.
    * I want it to work directly after downloading and install for the current version of Minecraft.

    A complete map, something similar to Sesame Street, a big town, a map with different buildings. Something to run around in, experience and do things in.

    (A google search is essentially worthless for minecraft maps for kids, sadly.)
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    Hmm, I have not heard of anything that wasn't an all or nothing. I will ask my kids tonight when they get back from visiting their friends (School holidays is great) and let you know as they are always downloading new maps and packs to try.

    Ok so my curiousity got the best of me. I downloaded the sesamestreet zip folder and had a look. The files it gives you are for the server version of minecraft not the client version.
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    I have been running a server for 15 of my nephew's primary school friends who are all aged around 6 years old and seriously it has been a blast. (we have a couple of kids aged 8 and 9 too, older brothers and sisters who were keen to join when they saw their siblings having so much fun)

    Allot of the fun has been in the building our town and thinking up new ideas and adventures, I don't think they would have appreciated a ready made town as much as being a part of building ours (even at age 6).

    Every week we have adventures on a Wednesday night and Saturday lunch time - according to the parents the kids talk about these adventures all week at school.

    We do simple adventures like all going on a horse ride out to a dessert to build a sand castle or going to a snow biome and building snow men etc etc

    I thoroughly recommend starting a town from scratch, you can go into creative in the beginning and stock up chests and things with goodies for the kids to build with.

    Have the kids do survival, make a town hall and then set out a large area that you torch and fence so its 'monster free' make the land flat and get the kids to claim an area of land and make their house, when they finish that get them to make a shop, then a pet store etc ... the village will grow very fast

    I did watch some u tube video's to get some ideas for adventures and builds and we watched Stampy Cat clips and remade some of the buildings in his 'lovely world'

    I have had such a great time doing it all, having to think up new things weekly has made it so exciting for me too

    So if you can't find a village to download perhaps try building your own :)
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    I can second the Stampy Cat videos, though the earlier ones apparently had a bit of swearing before he worked out that kids were watching. Also one early episode he was making the club house and started putting down a runway and was talking about putting a pole at the end of it... I stopped that video!

    On the other side my 7 year old daughter who can't get enough minecraft (PC and XBOX) can end up watching more than playing, so that says something about his videos.

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