Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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    Hello! I've been playing some Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML:BB or just ML) lately and it's been super fun!

    For those who are not familiar with the game, it's a mobile MOBA game (5v5 with 3 lanes).
    I would like to see who else is playing the game here in TOG, we should band together and to some team rank games and rank up together!

    If you're new, feel free to join as well!
    As a FPS player (CS and Overwatch), I've always found it difficult playing MOBA games (i.e. DOTA and LoL) on the computer however ML is very different because it's leveraging off the touch screen (as opposed to keyboard and mouse). Surprisingly MOBA feels better (at least for me) on the touch screen and also ML did a great job customising the game to suit touch screen controls.

    Give it a try and add me (Name: Wechikoma, Account ID# 44995723)

    Leave your in-game name/ID# here so we can all add each other.

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