MW2 DLC = ripped off!

Discussion in 'Digital Distribution & Mobile Game Applications' started by Harry Reems, May 19, 2010.

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    Good to see someone within the industry is not looking at just bleeding their customers dry. It's even more amazing that Sony should be the ones mentioning this. I personally have no issues with DLC's, I just have issues with overpriced crappy DLC's. They could've at least added an additional campaign to make up for the 3 hours they called a single player experience.
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    The argument here is about the value for what you get
    MW2 sucked on PC so regardless of the DLC content I feel ripped off by what ever they offer

    Not as a comparison of games but BC2 on the other had content released free to pc players.
    I only paid $55 and have had a 100 hours gameplay and would buy any DLC.....

    I personally think the issue is the perceived value of the game to the indivual.

    I enjoyed Borderlands and bought all of the DLC for that... haven't played it yet but the measure is what perceived value I got from the game.

    I am sure if MW2 was fantastic we could be coughing up plenty of $$$ for what ever content they release...thats what fans do
    The fact that they ignored a segment of the market is done at there own peril. Some addition development by IW for dedicated servers may have been all it took for MW2 to be the greatest game ever, who knows.

    As pointed out Console gaming has enable significant investment in gaming. Even this type of entertainment will change and become marginalized as new media contents become available through connectivity of platforms wish full thinking i know

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